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RPG X-men - Mutant Brigades


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[i]Energy beams. A car explode. Rooves collapse. A stray hand flies past. Yells of horror and fear. He laugh. All is going just right. He looks at me.[/i]

"AAAARGH!!" Kevin yelled. Why do nightmares always ends up with you sitting suddenyl in bed, yelling?
"What's going on up there again?" came a voice under him.
"Sorry Jake." apologized the mutant. "Nightmare again."
"Hey, I'm sorry I have to say that, but if you want to stay in a Op. group, you sometimes [i]have[/i] to forget things. You can't go on all your life feeling sorry for kills you didn't commit..." Jake started.
"Yeah yeah. I know. Have got the speech from our resident psychologist hundreds of time already."

Kevin was looking at the air vent. He knew he couldn't sleep anymore that night. He didn't care. It was 6:30 already, and he'd have to be up soon enough to not make it worthwhile anyway.

"Don't worry. We all have had our though times here." Jake replied. "The main difference between you and me..."
"Ah, shut up!" Kevin jumped down his bunk and slammed open the metal door, not caring about waking up half of the mutants in the dormitory.

He didn't want to think about it.

May 12, 7:30


Kevin looked up from a chemistry book to his multi-function watch. The small screen showed an all-too-familiar phrase.

"New mission. Please report immediately for briefing."

[size=1]Mind you, here are the people, according to their sign-up, that can be in operation group, and people that can't. People that can't are not told through the special watch worn by Op. Group members. Choose whatever mean you prefer. Also
remember that the headquarters for operations are hidden in and under the MBO Mall in Toronto, near where you live/work.

Operation Group Solidarity: Silent (Shadowfire), Eclectic (Fury), Xaru (Haider), Me (Magnev)
Group Blueberry: Ben (Ghost), Doukeshi (Warp), Taki (Greenleaf)

There are inyteresting dynamics between group members and non-members, but I'll explain that later.
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Jake is sitting at his computer playing some game. The screen goes blank then a falshing red mission alert comes up.

"... Let's roll."

Jake leaned back in his chair. The chair fell backwards as he rolled backwards out of it. He opened the door and started walking down the hall, with his hands in his pockets. He takes his hands out of his pockets and starts to jog, then run, directly at a wall. He disapears, then reapppears sitting on a chiar across from Kevin.

"We have a mission."

Jake jumps up on the celing, sitting on his forelegs with one hand on his knee.

"We should get the others."

Kevin: "I know, come on."

Jake teleports behind Kevin, they both walk out the door.
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[COLOR=TEAL][SIZE=1][B]John was quietly reading in his room when the Cell phone went off, telling him that there was a mission briefing at HQ. He sighed a little, he'd have to finish his eassy after the Mission [I]'One of the downsides to being a Mutant I guess'[/I] He thought to him self while he got his coat and hat from his room. He went into the main area of the apartment and made sure that it was okay to leave, an upside to living alone was that everything stayed in it's right place, which John liked very much.

The watch went off again, but this time a voice came out of it, "All members of Op. Group Solidarity and Group Blueberry report in at base ASAP". John pressed the 'speak' button on the side of the cell phone and said: "Greenleaf here, I'm on my way". One more quick glance around told him that it was all okay to leave and he was out of the door and locking it a few seconds later.

He walked toward the Mall, which was only a few streets away from his apartment building. He thought he might catch a glimse of the others on the way to the Mall, but to no luck. He entered and headed towards the base entrance and wondered what the Mission would involve this time.[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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(taki... Maybe you should read the small caracters better. Sorry I've moved you out of Op. Group It's just that, as I said, you can't go out at school normally. Please replace the watch with something else. A cell phone, maybe? This post will disappear as soon as no longer needed. And Xaru, just when did your caracter gained the power to teleport? :therock: )
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Gabriel looked up from the book he was reading, his glasses sliding halfway down his nose. Rolling his eyes slightly he exhaled a sigh of irritation before marking his place and setting the book down on the table he was sitting at and checked the text message that had just appeared on his phone, even though it was previously switched off.


Gabriel grumbled and slipped his phone into the pocket of his coat before standing and heading towards the door. Grasping his cane from the stand near the exit he shook his head and left for the HQ, situated under the mall. Muttering under his breath he walked briskly towards his destination,
"I've never going to finish that book...never."
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Lauren sat in her guidance counselor's office, playing with her lighter and listening to the same speech she heard everytime she got a little angry. It's not like it really hurt anyone...except for those security guards, but that had been a special case. They deserved those burns for trying to kick her out of the mall.
"Lauren, are you listening to me?"
"Huhn, what? Umm, yeah, controlling my anger, not playing with fire, et cetera, et cetera. Are we done here?" The counselor sighed, probably thinking she'd never get through to her.
"I'd like you to come back tomorrow around noon. Do you think you can do that?" At that moment, her two-way rang, alerting her to a new text message. She glanced at it and its message. Smirking a bit, she looked at the counselor.
"So sorry, but I'm afraid I'll have to cancel that appointment tomorrow. And the ones for the rest of the next...oh...two weeks. Bye now." She got up and walked out the door.
"Wait! What exactly happened?"
"Uhh...some relative died?"
"Would you like to talk about it?"
"Maybe later..." Lauren headed out the office building, thinking that this new mission couldn't have come at a better time.
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((Sorry 'bout my seriously late entry--computer trouble))
Kathryn sat outside,in the park,head nodding slightly to the beat that poured into her ears from her headphones.People--kids and parents,mostly--that walked by gave her cautious glances and ushered their kids past a little faster.Either that,or they glared at her disapprovingly.It didn't much matter to her,what other people thought,however.She'd long since the passed the stage of caring.She wasn't doing much of anything at the moment,only enjoying the cool breeze,the quiet rustle of the leaves and the gentle laughter of other people who were simply enjoying their day.Of course,she'd never admit the second part of that statement.
"Ah,gosh,"She heard one child nearby say to another,"I wish it would snow."
"It's way too hot to snow,John,"Said the second kid.
"Yeah,but,still.. .."
Kathryn smiled slightly.She closed her eyes and leaned her head back,pretending to be even more engrossed in her music.At the same time,she focused her thoughts on the patch of molecules above the two boys.Immediately,she could feel every air molecule at her fingertips,awaiting her commands.She thought of the molecules getting colder,imagined them freezing,pictured the snowflakes that would be caused by the freezing of the molecules.And,thus,it came to be.First just one,then another,and another,until the two boys were dancing beneath a flurry of snow that was only about five feet across,and began only about a foot above them.Kathryn casually got up and left before any of the parents took notice.Of course,the farther away she walked,the weaker the "snow-storm" became,until it died away altogther.She smiled to herself,just as her music stopped and a flat,computer voice spoke through her head phones:
"Incoming message"
She looked down at her CD player,pressing a small,barely noticable button on the bottom side.Immediately,the false top cover slid back to reveal a screen.It read:
"Incoming Message--
New Mission.Report to base immediately."
She sighed.It had been such a nice day.She did,however,change her course and head toward the mall.~Well,~She thought to herself,~For every good thing,there must be a sacrifice. . .~
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There is always a feeling of electricity in the air when you enter the briefing room. A faint odor of stress and excitement. Some sort of tingling. You get used to it, though.

"Hello." Said a voice.
Kevin and Jack saw a young man sitting into a blue chair at the other end of the elliptic table.

"Hi msr. Biddall" they chorussed, sitting.
"What's up?" Jake asked.
"Andromeda" the older mutant said. Kevin turned slightly yellow.
"Kevin, are you all right?" asked a girl that just entered the room.
"H... Hi Kathryn." the mutant managed to utter. "It's just... Bad Me... Memories."
"I can't believe you're gonna send Kevin on a mission against them!" Jack said. "He's still having nightmares about it!"
"JAKE LARSEN!" Kevin yelled angrily. The boy reddened instantly, making a strange contrast with his friend. Kevin was extremely sensitive about his nightmares. He got up and stormed to the other side of the room.

Two other mutants who had entered the room in the meantime blinked.
"We've missed something, right?" The younger one asked.
"Not yet." Kevin replied angrily. "And DON'T ask."
"Eech. Talk about hot-blooded." Another girl noted. "I could hear you all the way down the corridor"
"Look who's talking." Jake taunted. She glared at him, her hair suddenly turning red.

[SIZE=1]We're only only missing Ben before we can launch this. Where are you, ben??[/SIZE]
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Sorry! I forgot I was in this. >_<

Suddenly, they all heard a quiet squelching sound. They looked around, but saw nothing. The room was totally secure. Where was the noise coming from. Then, out of the heating vent came the sound again, louder this time.

Suddenly, out of the vent came a large blob of green slime. It quickly took shape, forming a vaguely man-shaped....thing.

"Mission!Mission!Mission!Mission!" it exclaimed quickly in a high-pitched voice.

In his excitement, large amounts of green spittle flew at those already in the room.

"What a creep." someone said.

"The name's Slimeball." the thing corrected.


Sorry about the short post, I'm kinda worn out.

BTW, Circeus said I could change my character. My new stats are in the Recruitment thread.
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"Now now" The man-who pretty much everybody had forgotten the presence-talked. "This is not the time to get picky. As I was saying to Magnev and Haider, this mission concern Andromeda." Jake glanced at his friend, who managed to only grit his teeth.
-What about Andromeda? Lauren asked. If I correctly recall, the last mission against them was a fluke.
Kevin laughed bitterly.
-What a nice way of putting it! Jake noted angrily. May I remind you half of Operation group Solidarity died in that mission?
-Please, gentlemen. At that moment we were not prepared for such a forceful assault. However, on this mission, codename "Omega Blue", they will be the one looking behind their backs. You are the elite force of the brigades. The most complete and flexible team ever mustered. If you cannot capture them, no one will ever be able to.
The group felt silent. Kevin being the only exception, muttering to the memories of the friends he had lost.

-We have managed to infiltrate a few mutants into Andromeda's recruiting groups, who are fulfilling us with so much unsuspected facts it takes several analysts working on it 24/7 to extract all the implications of their network. The most important is that they are actually starting to worry about us and might start to attack and kill known mutants, while they had been mostly indifferent up to date. Your mission: Subdue and Capture Andromeda's members until there is none left. Androbeta and Androalpha can be handled separately.
-I suppose we are by no mean allowed to kill them? Asked Kevin.

[SIZE=1]Now I'd like to have your caracters' comments on the dangers of the mission. Members of the brigade swear the oath of never harm innocents and never kill even a ennemy unless it is absolutely inevitable. Operation Group members actually swear an even more restrictive oath, as they usually have the power to subdue ennemies more easily.[/SIZE]
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Kathryn had flopped unceremoniously into a chair to listen.She was silent for a long moment,face blank as she considered the words said.
"Sounds dangerous. . ."She said casually,flatly.
She let the words trail off into silence again.She didn't really care that it was dangerous.The word itself had been scrubbed from her vocabulary.All that mattered was going in and getting the mission done successfully.When people started worrying about the danger,that was usually when they screwed up.
"So,"She continued eventually,"What're the details?I mean,what's the plan,how tight's security?Do they have any idea we might be planning this at all?"She spoke casually of it,as if discussing the planning of a picnic,though she was very serious about it.She didn't sound at all as if she were about to enter an extremely dangerous and risky mission.
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"Okey-dokey." agreed Ben. (Slimeball) "Let's take 'em out."

"Remember the oath." cautioned one of the others. Ben shook his head, grinning.

"As if I could really hurt someone." he said, extending his arm. It imemdiately began to sag and droop, losing its consistancy. It fell to the floor with a 'splush' sound, then retreated back to him.

"If you can't even keep yourself together, why should we bring you?" asked Kevin.

"Shoot me." said Ben.


"You heard me. Shoot me." he repeated. "Or if you don't have anything to shoot me with, throw something at me."

"No way."

"Why not? I'll insult you if I have to." said Ben, grinning.

"That won't be necessary." said Bidall. "Do as he says, Kevin."

"You're sure?" Kevin asked uncertainly.

"He'll sit there mouthing insults at you until you do, just go ahead."

Kevin reached into a pocket and pulled out a small, shiny dart. He through it at Ben at a rate of incredible speed. Milliseconds before the dart made contact, Ben opened a hole in his body and the dart passed straight through. He picked up the dart, then seemingly absorbed it. It suddenly shot straight out of his chest, and would have struck Kevin between the eyes if he had not stopped it with his powers.

"Nice reflexes." complimented Ben.
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Lauren sighed. [i]Suicide mission...just what I need after a nice relaxing anger management session...[/i] She sighed again and pulled an iPod out of her pocket and placed the tiny earbuds in her ears. After a few button clicks, Vendetta Red began bounding loud enough for everyone to hear snatches of it. After a few songs, she turned the volume down, sure someone had either called her or tried to get her attention somehow. Besides, the next song was too preppy for anyone to know she was listening to.
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"Now, our first target is Geppetto. He is one of the members we didn't know about until the Quebec incident."

Name: Paol Hurnback

Codename: Geppetto

Age: 34

Occupation: (current) Hired thief and killer.

Identity: The general public is unaware of Geppetto's existence.

Legal status: Citizen of Canada with no criminal record.

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada

Group affiliation: (current) Andromeda

Base of operations: (current) A toy Store in Vancouver.

Hair: None

Strength level: Michael Biddall possesses almost no physical strenght.

Mutation type: Psionist(Animator)

Known superhuman powers: Through sheer force of will, Geppetto can animate puppets and make them do his biddings. They appear as normal, 2-feet tall puppets until they start shooting at you or attempt to gouge your eyes out. Though they are embedded with some amount of personnality, their talking is usually limited to a maniacal laugh.

Special limitations: Paol was horribly scarred during a fire, and he wears a wooden mask and hand coverings. He an't stand right and looks just like his puppets.

"I've contacted our agent in charge of looking over him. Braincase will contact you as soon as you get into Vancouver. He will communicate you all other informations you need."

-Puppets? Jake noted, raising an eyebrow.
-Cool! I've never fought puppets before! Ben noted, jumping up and down.
-Mind you, Kevin interrupted them. You should [b]never[/b] underestimate a member of Andromeda.
-Oh, field opinions, uh? Lauren retorted. We take this mission just as seriously as you do. We just aren't doing it for revenge.
Kevin was practically burning with anger. He stormed out of the room.

"I'll be at the helipad! he yelled."
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I'll be at the helipad!" he yelled.
Jake walked out of the room well after Kevin left, with his hands in his pockets. Ben turned into a ball of liquid behind him and followed. Jake threw a zippo lighter over his shoulder. It landed in Ben.

"What's this?" Ben asked while going back into his human form with the lighter in his hand.

"You might need it." Jake said dully.

Jake faded out then faded back in on the helipad.

"Hey, I'll cover your back on this mission." Jake said to Kevin.

He took a pocketknife out of his hand. Flicking it into the air, he kicked it at Kevin. The blade opened as Jake kicked it and went strait at Kevin. Kevin stopped it and grabbed the blade.

"Keep it. It's a present." Jake told Kevin.

Carved in the blade was "Magnev".

"You can find me... uh.... Somewhere when you are ready." Jake said as he faded away.
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Kathryn had nothing else to say or ask or add to the conversation at all,and so she saw no reason to remain there.She stood and left,placing her earphones back into her ears as she left.She assumed that everyone would know she would be at the helipad,and so she didn't even bother wording it.Talking wasn't her strong point anyhow.She just wanted to get on with this mission and get back.Missions were never a big deal to her.It didn't matter to her--really--if she came back or not.However,if anyone had been around at the moment,they would have heard her quietly whispering the Unbeliever's Prayer just before she arrived at the helipad--
"Almighty God
forgive me for my agnosticism;
For I shall try to keep it gentle,not cynical
Nor a bad influence.
Human I am,though,
And if I should fail at these things,
Please forgive me for that as well

if Thou art truly in the heavens,
accept my gratitude
For the life thou hast granted me
And in return
I shalt fight the good fight."
It was her only pre-mission ritual,and she made sure that no one ever discovered it.
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