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RPG the journey through my dream

dark king

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this dream starts here

i stood somewere i did not know the existence of.
i was in a long dark coat some loose jeans and a pair of strong boots.
i looked up at the sky, a strange blue, a bit darker than where i fell asleep.
i was on a place not far from a beach.
i thought i was on an island, but when i decided to climb a tree i saw the land stretched endless.
i got out of the tree and there is where i saw the most valuable item i could possibly have.....a sword.
it was a long blade with some carvings on them i could not understand, the hilt was strong and the entire sword was light.
i tossed it into the sand, but when it left my hand it fell to the ground as if it was a skyscraper thrown on the ground.
the ground shaked, i looked like amazing stood in letters in my eyes.
i picked it up and i could just lift it with one hand.
i was puzzled.
i found a ring at my shoulder i placed the sword there.

Haldamir : i think these boots are for long walks, so i guess i`ll walk.

and so i got on my way.
i thought it was too quiet, no birds no nothing.
but then in the distance i heard something comming closer.
just in case i drawed my sword, i could see now that my action was the right one.
there i stood face to face with a monster and behind him even more.
it snarled at me i tried to stay calm, but i could not resist.
i jumped up in the air swinging my sword down, and thrusted it right in the head of the beast.
it fell and bleeded.
another two of them jumped in.
they made an attack on me, wich i shielded with my sword.
i jumped up again over the first one, dropped my sword wich was eager to pluge down because of it`s massive weight.
it made the earth tremble and it made the other monsters run.
the second was still standing, but i grasped my sword and swung it horizontally cappitating the monster.
i asked myself why i was so good with my sword, i never handled one before in my life.
then i noticed something particullary, there was no blood on it at all.
i put my sword away and took a step when i felt a sharp pain.
it appeard one monster took a shot at me, my side was badly injured.
i walked on but i kept bleeding it was not long before i fainted.

i woke up in a bed i was a bit dazed, but then my eyes started to adjust.
next to me sat a young lady, she was pretty.

lady: how do you feel?
haldamir: am i dead?
lady: no but you almost where.
haldamir: how long have i slept.
lady: exactly ten days
haldamir: ten days?

i tried to get up but fell back to the bed

lady: your not well yet, i suggest you stay in bed for a while longer.

i got back under the sheets.

haldamir: tell me where am i anyway.
lady: your in toga silly.

almost i fainted again because i knew toga did not exist where i came from.
we talked about that, where i came from and how i was attacked.
we where sitting there talking untill the night fell, i tried to stand up again and this time i was strong enough to stay that way.
we talked some more about how i might have got in here.
then when i told her i went to sleep and woke up on the beach, she was quiet.

as if she could see what have happened, the compassion flooded her eyes.
she then told me it was the affra, she explained to me that it carried away the ones that dream special.
i did not know how or what she meant exactly but after half an hour, she gave me some coffee and we drank it together by the fire.

haldamir : so tell me what is your name?
lady: my name is alysia mornemen, but you may call me alysia ofcourse, what is yours.
haldamir: well my name is haldamir Narmolanya but you can call me haldamir.

she looked at me with a glare and i knew that there was something wrong.

haldamir: are you ok?
alysia: look i finally finnished my coffee

she said with a cheered but down voice.
haldamir: you don`t like coffee much don`t you.
alysia: yes but i drink it with you, and somehow that makes me feel...comfortable.
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[font=gothic][color=indigo]Well, rpgs tend to start off in the recruitment forum, with a backstory and a list of what potential signs ups need to have in order to sign up for the rpg. Then you can create the thread here. So, why don't you go do that, then recreate this? Otherwise, you won't get anyone else with a decent character involved in this.[/font][/color]
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