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Do you like Reality Shows???


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What are your thoghts on Reality TV if you like it why and whats your favorite show; if you hate it why.

The TV is swamped in Reality Shows about people getting married, people doing stupid stuff for money, and people just living together for the fun of it. I'm tired of these shows; each season a whole new wave of Reality TV hits the airwaves(Paradise Hotel and Cupid to name a few) pushing out better show that actually have plots and actors. Sure there are new TV shows but there are many more new Reality Shows. Pretty soon its going to be nothing but reality shows on TV. I beleive they should just have a channel for reality TV; put all the shows on it and you can watch it if you want to. Some of these shows are the same just with different names look at all these wedding shows. Some are made for dum people to try stupid stunts for little money like Fear Factor(10,000 dollars whoa that a lot of money....Not). I miss the days when intelligence and witts got you money on TV and not muscles and luck. Some follow around has beens like Anne and Ozzy who really need money and will do anything for it. Others are a long string of shows like Joe Millionaire, Road Rules, Real World(I still love this show interesting people with great live) ,and Big Brother(I hate this show boring people with boring lives not even worth watching).

I must admit thou I did watch Survivor, but then they ran out of places to send them( and now it's the same island with a different stage set). I'm still waiting on Survivor Tundra to come on(now that I'll watch).
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