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Art CG images: Sparkey


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"When the time comes for you to show them all what you are capable of.
Let them not forget who you are."
- Alter ego

Greeting people.
Sorry It has been a while but work is work and I've had alot of it.
This is Sparkey a CG character I've been modeling for a short movie I will eventualy complete. The model is as of yet..unfinished. But I will have a proper render posted in about a week or two. The colors are a little melded because without an enviroment to put it in and some very shiny metal textures it tends to reflect everything.
Hit me with some feedback.
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It's nice to see more CG on the boards...

Well, you could add a thumb as HZero said, or you could spread the fingers more. The cables on the sides could be used for some sweet purposes, so you might wanna take advantage of them.

The eyes would look nicely if they were lit, and the lamps should have a softer light, as to lower the glare effect (it's quite annoying). Lastly, please make the background of a constrasting color.

Well, this has potential to be very sweet-looking, and it's a good thing you animate it. Good luck! 7/10
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Well the chest isn't see through actually, just really shink and without a proper enviroment it reflects pretty much everything..in this case the BG and the head. I tried to stick some lamps in the head but my programm is unable to support rounded lights, at the moment it has linear lights inside the eyes.
As to what programm I am using it is Rhino, a sort of CAD based programm. I was going to do it in Maya but haven't installed the PLE yet (unfortunately it's all I have of maya). Rhino is good cause You can do renders and it comes with lots of texture, though I am going to make some of my own. So far I've been bogged down with work and haven't had time to do much more on it, am going to re-model the hand and all but I should be able to have a better version up in about 4 or more days.
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