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Its been a while eh? Im in high school and a personal project of my own is to find some cool quotes to add to my speech binder, If you have any post them and I might add them. Here are some that I already have on there:

Im dancing like a monkey! - grrr

Doesnt gasoline smell good kids? - biology teacher [Vowell}

Im a freak, touch me. - weired poster

Hell, there are no rules here. We are just trying to accomplish something. - Thomas Alva Edison

Ive been bad, spank me. - Me

The car is mighter than the machette. - Maximum Exposure guy.

[ Note: its been a while since ive last logged on so I'm not too sure of if this should be here. Thanks]

Thanks for all quotes, I will respond when I can. Make sure to put where the quote came from.
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Hey, welcome back Jamvis.

If you're looking for quotes, there was a recently closed topic with exactly what you're looking for. You can find it here:


It's quite an expansive thread, so it should suit your needs. Also, feel free to use our search engine to find similar threads. I know they've been done repeatedly in the past.
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