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Has anyone seen this new show? It on tuesday nights, I can't remember the time though.

If you haven't seen the show here's the baisic run down, People dress up like their favorite musicians and perform with their own voices, whoever does the best likeness and singing wins twenty grand. My mother is virtualy addicted to this show (after I weened her off of american junior :rolleyes: ) but I've come to like it as well.

I only wish that the kid who played as Elton John won instead of The mother that performed as Barbera Streisand. ah well, Tina Tina Turner also beat out Freddy Mercury from Queen (how that happened I'll never understand...)

Well what do you think?
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There was a show exactly like this that was syndicated on different broadcast channels a while back. I forget what it was called, but it was hosted by Christopher "Kid" Ried from Kid 'n Play. This show was on only about 3 or 4 years ago. Then it got cancelled.

But yeah, it's nothing but glorified karaoke. But look on the brightside... at least it's not MTV's karaoke show. *shudder*
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