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    I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy)

    Can confirm that I appear to still be alive (though I'm pretty rarely here).
  2. JCBaggee

    Happy OtakuBoards Day!

    Bah, I had a ridiculous day and couldn't make it to the computer for most of the day :X Miss you guys! Next time we'll just make it a week or something.
  3. JCBaggee

    How you learn

    Personally, I've got to learn hands on. I can watch someone do it or listen to them for hours, but until I do it, I just can't pick it up.
  4. JCBaggee

    Fromsoft Stuff (Souls series, and Bloodborne)

    I've played my fair share of Dark Souls and a smattering of Dark Souls II. I'm terrible at them, and can't play them for long before I start to get twitchy, but I do really, really enjoy them. The lore, by far, was the best bit. James, you're absolutely right btw: DS is the next-gen Castlevania experience we should have gotten. If you want to see something interesting and don't mind some really not safe for work humor, look up Plague of Gripes' Let's Plague Dark Souls series on YouTube. It just finished a few weeks ago, but it's a really in-depth look at the game from a lore perspective.
  5. JCBaggee

    So, i have an idea....(OtakuBoards Day)

    You make it sound like we're being put out to pasture, man. :P
  6. JCBaggee

    So, i have an idea....(OtakuBoards Day)

    I'm down. I'm in the same boat Charles, I've never really participated in another forum like I did here.
  7. JCBaggee

    I remember back OB when.....

    [quote name='James' timestamp='1346071713' post='712298'] [font=palatino linotype]I'm not even sure I can list all of the good memories I have from here. kuja, anyone? ;)[/font] [/quote] [color=red]Man, there was a long storied history of drama when I frequented the site, which is really sad, because I just have fond memories of the really cool people I still keep up with from here.[/color] [color=red]I used to post here all the time. Haven't in ages. I spent way too much time on here in high school, but have fallen out of touch with most of the users here. It's not me being anti-social; I just have already had most of these conversations. I still poke around when I get the chance but, much like Shy, I'm just getting older and running out of things to say.[/color]
  8. JCBaggee

    TV Reboot

    [color=darkred][size=1]Loved this show, I remember watching it when it first aired! Whole series just came out on DVD a few weeks back, I really need to pick that up.[/color][/size]
  9. JCBaggee

    Movies Name that movie

    [quote name='Gavin' timestamp='1302077838' post='706276'] [font="Tahoma"][size="2"][b]"Whenever one of us has had a victory, king of the moment."[/b][/size][/font] [/quote] [color=darkred][size=1]"Count of Monte Cristo". [b]"My name? If you knew that, you'd be as clever as me."[/b][/color][/size]
  10. GUYS. HEY GUYS. I'm actually posting in forums and stuff. :X

    1. Boo


      You oldtimer.

    2. JCBaggee


      Oh man. I am an oldtimer now, aren't I? :X

  11. JCBaggee

    Gaming Xbox 360 advice

    [color=darkred][size=1]I found [b]The Orange Box[/b] is a great deal; $20 for Half-Life 2, HL2 Ep 1 & 2, Team Fortress 2 (great if you have Live, since it's still populated) and Portal. If you enjoy action titles like God of War, I've been having a lot of fun with [b]Dante's Inferno[/b] lately, which plays like the most disturbing parts of God of War cranked up to 11. Also, don't forget Xbox Live Arcade titles. [b]Castlevania: Symphony of the Night[/b], [b]X-Men Arcade[/b], and [b]TMNT 1989 Arcade[/b] are quality buys, as well as original titles like [b]Shadow Complex[/b], which plays a lot like Super Metroid and [b]Castle Crashers[/b] are definite games to pick up. There's a few gems in the Indie Games too, like [b]Being[/b], [b]Jonny Platform's Biscuit Romp[/b], and [b]I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1[/b] are really, really fun for a nominal fee. In terms of RPGs, I highly recommend [b]Lost Odyssey[/b], a classic turn based JRPG from the director of Final Fantasy I. It gets a lot of flack for a slow start, but when it picks up it gets really, really good. If you want a more rounded RPG experience, [b]Fable II[/b] might be more your speed. Also, Shy will tell you you have to get [b]Age of Booty[/b]. It's alright. I don't hate it, it's just not my cup of tea.[/size][/color]
  12. JCBaggee

    Gaming Minecraft?

    Single or Multiplayer? [color=darkred][size=1]Mainly MP on a friend's server, but I have a single player campaign for when they're down.[/color][/size] What's the favourite structure you've built? (Pictures if you have them!) [color=darkred][size=1]I'm in the process of a sprawling castle with no door, only accessible by a gigantic, hidden ladder or a difficult to navigate waterfall[/color][/size] What's your best minecraft story? [color=darkred][size=1]Don't have one yet! :X[/color][/size] If you're on a server, which one, and what mods do they have? (Not that I'm constantly on the lookout for cool mods or anything...) [color=darkred][size=1]Friend of mine's server. We run Runecraft, but I've not toyed with it any yet.[/color][/size] Do you use a texture pack, and if so, which? [color=darkred][size=1]Don't think so...[/color][/size] What is your favourite mob? [color=darkred][size=1]The ones that are on the other side of the map![/color][/size] Do you have enough diamonds? :p [color=darkred][size=1]I haven't even found any yet, I'm still pretty new at this....[/color][/size]
  13. [color=darkred][size=1][b]NES[/b] Super Mario Bros., obviously. [b]Genesis[/b] Street Fighter II' [b]PlayStation[/b] Final Fantasy VIII (That should explain my inexplicable love for the game) [b]Game Boy Advance[/b] Metroid Fusion [b]PlayStation II[/b] Final Fantasy X [b]Xbox[/b] Fable [b]Gamecube[/b] Mario Kart Double Dash!! [b]Xbox 360[/b] The Orange Box (TF2, most likely) [b]Wii[/b] New Super Mario Bros Wii[/color][/size]
  14. JCBaggee

    Gaming What do you look for in your games?

    [color=darkred][size=1]I look for something....[i]anything[/i]...that'll allow me to enjoy the game. Seriously! That's all I want, a fun and memorable gameplay experience. [u]God of War[/u] and [u]God of War II[/u] are offensively short, but have fun gameplay mechanics and an amazing story, so I have no regrets buying them. Same for my favorite RPGs; as long as the story is memorable, I can usually deal with a sub-par (mind you, not broken) gameplay interface. Ultimately, it comes down to being able to play and enjoy the game without becoming too frustrated by a mind-numbing difficulty curve or a boring, dull story. For the money I pay, I just want a game to be fun. That's all I ask for.[/color][/size]
  15. Evidently, I still have an OB profile, I just never log in. Slap my wrist, I s'pose.

    1. Dragon Warrior
    2. James


      Good to have you back. ;P

  16. JCBaggee

    13 things I've learned

    [quote name='Sara'][size=1][b]Fourth grade[/b]: When your entire class [i]and your teacher[/i] try to convince you that the blood in your body is blue, not red, hold your ground. You are right, and they lack basic knowledge of human biology.[/size][/QUOTE] [color=darkred][size=1]....[i]wut[/i]? Did that really happen? I must know more about this. It sounds hilarious.[/color][/size]
  17. JCBaggee

    I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy)

    [color=darkred][size=1]All my time on OB, and I don't think I've posted too many pictures of myself. Then again, I don't think I had a camera back when I was a regular here. Oh well. Hey look, it's me! Sorry for any broken monitors, seizures and/or convulsions. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v180/JCBaggee/DSC00495.jpg[/IMG][/color][/size]
  18. JCBaggee

    Anime Favorite Underrated anime

    [color=darkred][size=1]I don't know if it's underrated, but I have a rather fond recollection of [b]Pilot Candidate[/b]/[b]Candidate for Goddess[/b] back when it aired on Adult Swim. [/color][/size]
  19. JCBaggee

    Gaming Batman Arkham Asylum

    [color=darkred][size=1][b]Arkham Asylum[/b] is pretty flippin' sweet, yes. I'm a huge comic nerd, obviously, and Batman is one of my (well, everyone's) favorites. It's good to see the character finally get the treatment he deserves, and it was great to see Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil come back to do the voice work. My only real complaint about the game is the lack of a truly "epic" boss battle. They were fun, yes, but they rarely felt like anything more than a larger nuisance than the normal thugs you encountered throughout the game. The way the game held your hand so much was borderline aggravating too, but I typically suck at stealth games so in a lot of places it was pretty welcome too.[/color][/size] [quote name='Magus'][size=1][color=navy]It was just a matter of time. I wonder whose going to be in this one. I still need to play this one though.[/color][/size][/QUOTE] [color=darkred][size=1]If you go to the website for the game, ArkhamHasMoved.com, it's fairly evident that [spoiler]Two-Face[/spoiler] is going to make an appearance. Also, from the clues in the trailer, it's a safe bet that [spoiler]The Penguin and Black Mask[/spoiler] put in appearances too.[/color][/size]
  20. JCBaggee

    Gaming Games You Might've Missed

    [color=darkred][size=1]I'm the only person to ever mention this game, but [b]The Granstream Saga[/b]. It's a PS1 RPG by the now defunct development team Shade, who also did Soul Blazer, and it's absolutely amazing. It's a fairly simple dungeon crawler, and it shows it's age, but it's memorable and still a really great game, although incredibly hard to find. I also saw MonkichiRmon mentioned [b]Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean[/b]. I can't second that enough. It's absolutely gorgeous, and one more reason the GameCube didn't get nearly enough love (and a fairly cheap get if you shop online, hint hint). I'm also going to throw in 2005's [b]The Punisher[/b], which many people wrote off as a Max Payne ripoff, but I found to be a really fun game that served as a decent sequel to the '04 Punisher flick.[/color][/size]
  21. JCBaggee

    Funny Stupid.

    [color=darkred][size=1]When I was hosting my podcast last week, there was a moment like this. [b]Dave[/b]: Who's that guy? The one that looks just like Matt Damon? He could be the new Jason Bourne, if they go a younger route. [b]Me[/b]: Who are you talking about? [b]Dave[/b]: I don't know his name...he was in that movie, with Jude Law? Wore big glasses. [b]Me[/b]: ...[u]The Talented Mr. Ripley[/u]? [b]Dave[/b]: That's the one! That guy looked just like Matt Damon, who was that? [b]Me[/b]: ...Matt Damon. [b]Dave[/b]: ... [b]Me[/b]: To your credit, Matt Damon [i]does[/i] look just like Matt Damon.[/color][/size]
  22. JCBaggee

    Girl arrested for doodling on her desk

    [color=darkred][size=1]My lord, and they were easily erasable? Not like she carved anything permanent or obscene. Just think of all the real crimes that could have been stopped with the time and resources spent on this girl....[/color][/size]
  23. JCBaggee

    Who Dat!

    [quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]I confess an absolute ignorance of the significance of all of this, much less the topic title. It must be one of those man football things.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] [color=darkred][size=1]Don't feel bad. I'm one of those certified men, and I have only the slightest inkling as to what happened. I was too busy playing games on the computer to pay much attention to the game, anyways. --Christopher; never got that into football, really[/color][/size]
  24. JCBaggee

    Changes You've Noticed.

    [color=darkred][size=1]My font shrunk about 3 sizes and the color got darker. And I like to think my posts have gotten more concise and have less rambling. Oh, and I stopped posting regularly >_>[/color][/size] [quote name='Nerdsy'][color=deeppink]Well, we use vBulletin now.[/color][/QUOTE] [color=darkred][size=1]*rimshot* I don't know why I laughed at that.[/color][/size]
  25. JCBaggee

    The Other Side Of The Fence

    [color=darkred][size=1]I don't really have any horror stories about my neighbors. I've been pretty lucky, in that my neighbors mostly leave me alone and I mostly leave them alone, but that's my hermit-like nature talking. I do have one funny story though. The lady in the apartment directly adjacent to mine lives alone (she is divorced, and all her kids are grown), and draws retirement. Or disability. I'm not really sure. Her kids usually come over in the evening to see her and take her anywhere she needs to go, as she doesn't have a car. I've lived in my apartment for just over three years now, and she was already living here when I moved in, so there's no telling how long this has gone on. So, I never really spoke to her. But after I'd lived here about a year and a half, I'm watching TV one night and there's a knock on my door. I look through the peephole, and it's my neighbor. She tells me her son can't make it over here tonight, but she was wondering if I could run her to the store before it closes, because she has things she [i]needs[/i]. Things that she must get before the night ends. Now, despite what you may have heard, I'm a pretty nice guy as it is, and regardless feel I should be on pretty good terms with the woman living adjacent to me, so I agree. It's a fairly short drive to the store, and she runs in while I wait in the car. She's in there about 10 minutes, before she comes out with her "necessities": A pack of Marlboro Reds and a case of Keystone Light. She explains on the ride back that it's to help cope with her mild depression, because she doesn't want to take a bunch of pills. I still have never really spoken to her.[/color][/size]