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Writing Pyro poetry - Freelance Fire!


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Thought I'd make a thread for all people who love fire and the darkness. Have a flamey poem or dark poem? Post it here, feedback, of course, is welcome... unless I have the sudden urge to burn it... [points to strange avatar] This is one I just wrote:


Seething rage and burning fire.
Twisted gaze and raging glance.
With your eyes, the flame admire.
Flickering flame of hells dance.

Flaming vision, glaring rage
Burning anger deep within
Keep it in your soulless cage.
End the world as it spins.

Hit the gas, higher flame!
As the world completes its turn
Scorch the Earth and youre to blame!
Watch the world as it burns...

Red hot flame, turn and twirl
Yeilding not to harshest rain
Flames now engulf the world
Now whos crazy, twisted and insane?
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