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Final Fantasy Journals (RPG)

_Shiro Amada_

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The plot is that my character Dyne accidentaly breaks the seal that contains the evil Esper Aina, it is up to Dyne and whatever characters he meets along the way to stop Aina from destroying the planet, the rest of the plot is up to you guys. . Isn't that great, that's the beauty of this, we create a plot and characters. So hop on pals, join in by submiting the name of your character and some background info any one can join. I'll start the RPG once evryone submits their character. Thanks.
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I was gonna choose him,but I'll save him for Sephiroth.
I'll be Cloud.If you've played the game you'll know his bio... But I wanna add sumthin in.Just to be imaginative.
Name:- Cloud
Age:- Still 21
Changes to his life:- Finds out he is actually Sephiroth's brother(That's where you come in Sephiroth) and doesn't understand how or why.
* * *
Right there's my imaginative bit.It's a bit farfetched seein as how Cloud was Sephiroth's enemy but there ya go.Well they can still be enemies. lol. Even though I'm one of the FF masters' I like addin things into the plot.:laugh:
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