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This game will be based off of I believe the coolest setting ever Rokugan. If you want to join this game i suggest you go to [url]www.alderac.com[/url] click on the L5R icon look up some of the history of Rokugan or Pm me if you have questions about it so lets start.

Ryoko Owari " the City of Lies "

The emporor Hantei Naseru sits on the throne. He has spent many long days of his new reign on this throne. Listening to the constant chatter of courtiers clammering away to curry his favor or for him to see justice over some offence. He sits there now wondering " i became emporor for this ". Naseru himself loved political games but he has had enough of this until a lone Miya
runs into the throne room. yelling at the emporor he says he has a extremely important letter saying it is from Hida Kuon champion of the crab clan. Naseru reads through the letter and tells the Miya " Summon one from each great clan and bring them here as swift as possible"

Sign Up

Here are the clans

Crab : Zerosaber

You can be a Samurai(warrior) , Shugenga ( magicician) , or know Ninja techniques ( just to let you know ninjas don't exist wink wink)

There will be one of each clan. If you have any questions visit the site above or just Pm me

Heres my sign up

Name : Hida Tenryu

Clan: Crab

Class: Samurai

Weapon : Daisho ( consisiting of a katana and a wakizashi all samurai recieve one on their gempukku)

S. Weapon: tetsubo
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