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Anime What happened on last week spisode

Hacker Kite

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[color=darkred][size=1]Im getting really sick of seeing this kinda threads all the time... Seems theres one each week lol

Anyways, Tsukasa, Mimiru and Subaru all are just wondering around this desert feild and its really boring nothing happens but then they are like teleported to where Aura is and theres this long scene where Tsukasa is talking like he usally does (ya know when everything he says doesnt make any sense) Then Tsukasa puts his hand over Aura and she wakes up *Angels sing* Right after that the 3 get a call from Bear saying to meet them at Net Slum (Helba's Orders) So they teleport out of there and Sora jumps out and is talking to the Voice.. and He backstabs Morgana and when he trys to log out he is stopped and then Data drained.. You then see Sora in the real world fall out of his Computer chair.. and Skeith(sp) Comes out of no one and is Ordered by Morgana to take care of Tsukasa (somthing like that) At the end everyone is in Net Slum (Including Aura) Just waiting knowing that the final batlte is about to begin

Whoa I wrote that? gees I guess I have alot of times on my hands or somthing...[/color][/size]
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