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[size=1] abortion, do you stand for it? or do you stand opposed to it? Abortions have long been a controversial topic in many countries and are still outlawed by many. In light of recent events. I though I would share my opinion on Abortion and ask for the boards at large, what do you think of abortions?

[b] Abortion in general [/b]

I am opposed to Abortion, i believe their is a destiny for every human, and that no one should take that away. [b]However[/b]. I do also believe in the freedom of choice, God gave us free will. And while I will always voice my opinions against abortion, i will elt people make the decisions for themselves. Abortion to me is a murder, it's the killing of an innocent child, A life is a life, in or out of the womb.

[b] Anti Abortion protests[/b]
What do you think of such activism outside the abortion clinics? I bleieve that as logn as it doesn't get violent, there should be a right to protest, protest peacefully.

[b] killing for killings. The ultimate hypocrisy [/b]

I can't for the life of me figure out what that guy, Paul Hill, was going on about. There is [b]no justifiable murder[/b]. He wen't on an on about how the abortionist kills people, and he kills someone for killing soemone. To further that, the government kills someone who killed someone, who killed someone, doesn't something stink here? Eye for an eye punishment doesn't work. I would like to say that Paul Hill is not sharing in the same beliefs as I, he only calls it by the general name of "Christian". He is going to be truly dissapointed if he thinks he is going to enter the immediate presence of the Lord, oh please, murder is murder and it's never sanctioned by the lord. Judge not and you won't be judged, forgot that, didn't we? :rolleyes: .

your opinions. [/size]
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[color=#707875]We've had this debate before. And the last big abortion thread was pretty much a joke...few people seem interested in a true debate, but rather, we get people arguing from one side or another.

It's a never ending discussion that is full of anger and it's one with no real resolution. I don't think it's appropriate at this point, Shinji. I don't mean to say that serious debates can't be had...but let's try and avoid clinging to these "outrageous" threads, even when things move slowly. I want people to carefully consider what they post in this forum and I want to encourage new types of discussion.

People always fall back on abortion or religion to spice things up. I think there are better ways of generating activity here.[/color]
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