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Writing Time doesnt heal anything...

Essence Terror

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They say time heals all wounds
But that's not true
Time wont heal my broken heart

Nothing will ever change
It will always be this painful
I will always want her
She will never want me

They say time repairs all aches
Well they are mistaken
Nothing can make me feel the way I did?

Nothing can take me back
I will always be lacking
I need to be complete
But it will never happen

They say time fixes all problems
Well they are incorrect
I never will be the same

You can?t change me
Don?t blame it on me
You?re the one that hurt me
You can?t deny it

They say time can replace my stolen soul
Too bad it has already collapsed
It will never be returned to me

Because time doesn?t replace, fix, repair, or heal anything
All it does is age you
And the only thing that can heal my heart
Is her?

O_O comments?
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[color=blue]I really only have one thing to say, and thats
"I know how you feel, man."
I had a huge problem with a girl that took me a good six months to get over. Call me obsessive if you want, but when you know someone with whom you get along so well, you can't help but fall in so deep.
I like it very much. It captures just the right setiment, you should check out one of my earlier ones I posted on here, called [I]I know you won't[/I]. It's very similar stuff, but either way man, you've done a good job.[/color]
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