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Philosophy of the Martial Artist


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Martial Arts, a way of self preservation, a way of sport, a way of excercize, and a way of life. MArtial Artist are men and women who dedicate there lives to showing there skill, honor, and dedication to there art or form of beleif. In this there are many philosphies that have the some roots. Spiritual awarness and sceintific power. Speed, Power, Skill, Wisdom, and Accuracy are all parts of this. There have been many martial artist who have casued he martial arts to be more poularized. Jet Li, Jacky Chan, and the forever greatest, Bruce Lee who modernized martial arts and created the brillaint, Jeet Kune Do philosophy. There are literally thousands of martial arts styles. Gung Fu, Karate, JuJustsu, Kenjsutsu, and many others. The path of the martial artist is one of blood and soul. And few can walk its entirity.

I, myself personally pracrice three forms of martial arts. Traditional boxing, Goshin JuJutsu, and Tae Kwon Do. I absorb fro mthese arts what i need and use. I reject what i dislike and cannot use. I form them around my stranghts and weaknesess. This philosphy i am using is called, Jeet Kune Do, the way of the Intercepting Fist. I train each day whether it be barely or for hours.

Now, i want to know about the philosophy of martial arts that any of the OBers have. The Styles of MArtial ARts that any of you study. And what are your thoughts on martial arts all together.
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