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  1. The (admittedly few) bulletin boards out there that remain successful have something that grounds them, generally. A specific fandom for which they are an established community. OB doesn't really have that, as we were always much more than an anime/gaming community.    The reality is that I don't see any particular way to rehash those good old days. We were so disparate and general back then that few of us had much in common, outside of being folks who hung out on OB. Without that core subject or focus for a continuation of the community--something to attract new folks and keep old folks contributing regularly--there's nothing to lean on other than nostalgia. Nostalgia is a giant conversation killer, generally speaking.   The only thing I can think of that might work is a full rebrand and relaunch as a forward-focused, general-interest nerd community. Clean up existing threads that are designed to generate piddling conversation about the "golden age", and discourage new ones in that vein. Maybe pick four or five "events" per year that we can focus on to generate buzz, and launch a new theme around each one to keep the look variable. Thinking big game and book releases, TV premiers, etc. Push those things, while maintaining the minimum standard for post quality that we always used to strive for.   That said, we need an iconic-looking brand that can stand over the top of it all, something with more "pop" than the current banner logo. Something simple that'll stick in people's heads. Is there an OB Twitter? That would help, if you had someone savvy and dedicated enough to run it. In conjunction with a broader focus, branching into other forms of social media opens up your audience and attracts members.    Another thing we could really lean on, if enough older members are still around and willing to drive it: Our old RPs. That stuff was well and truly magical, and play-by-post RPs are still fun and still have an audience. They would probably require some administrative direction to keep them churning, though. Not too much, but enough to ensure they stay creative, fair, and fun.   How many "core members" are still active? As in, how many people do y'all think still hang around regularly enough to sort of participate in a "active evolution" of the board? Because it'll need people like that around, if and when any changes are made.   It all sounds drastic when laid out like that, I guess. But I think that's the only way forward. Gives us older folks something to come home to and gives newer folks something they can enjoy and contribute to without having to go through some kind of history course on the random twistings and turnings of a bulletin forum they've never heard of before.   -Justin   Edit- I realized upon reading that over that it's sounds pretty gloomy, pretty difficult, and possibly a bit irreverent towards our history. I don't mean it to be that way. This place emphatically does have things worth saving (or reviving) to the extent that I'd love to see something done about it. I'm on the cusp of achieving my life-long dream as a full-time, professional author and a large, large portion of my early foundation was built right here, in play-by-post RPs.    The value of that (to me, at least) is immeasurable. I'd love to see that return to (and exceed beyond) what it once was. I just think it's going to take some serious work to achieve.   
  2. I can't believe these old Topaz pics still exist, but I managed to find mine too. Scanning through that old Geocities page was like playing with a time machine. -Justin
  3. I hear talk that certain old moderators still secretly lurk, searching for the ancient and venerated modhammer. But that's probably just a rumor. -Justin
  4. While I'm thinking about it, I have to credit this forum for my understanding of the written English language. And while I was trying to say that, it literally took me four seperate tries at spelling 'understanding'. It just couldn't make my fingers do it. -Justin
  5. I didn't realize that Piro gave King Kamakazi(sic)'s Throne away. Granted, you took it without asking in the first place, but I mean, really? Is the ALL CAPS legacy, ambiguously referenced age, and perhaps Gokunine hero status really become so devalued that people are just passing it off like some cheap trinket now? I'll have you know, one cannot simply misspell their moniker and magically [i]become[/i] the king. Something which, curiously, this pretender has not even done! What are the Boards coming to, then? My crown was ordained from On High, damn you! By the All-Bailiwicked One James--peace be upon him--Him-smurfing-self! -Justin
  6. I actually have a long-time friend that belongs to this particular...er...school of thought. They also believe in the appearance of mysterious diamonds and gems from heaven, gold dust, and a plethora of other somewhat odd manifestations of heaven. Needless to say, this friend won't be attending the debauchery held in his honor on the night of 21 May. -Justin
  7. The swirl of hyperspace no longer had its calming effect. It reminded him now of the swirl of a sandstorm. Only bright and blue, rather than dark and red. A juxtaposition not unlike Jedi and Sith, in some aspects. A difference only in color, but two characters both equally annoying to him. The desert years had changed him. He had lived not unlike a force of nature so long, reassuming the identity of a civilized being seemed a bit silly. He wanted to rage. To ebb and flow, with the wind. They were gale-force right now. The dreams could not be silenced. They could only be drowned out by the storm. He didn't hear the children murmuring if he was howling. The mysterious visitations didn't vex him so long as he was swirling across the wastes like a dervish with a hangover. He didn't know where he was going. Random course. He didn't know what he'd do when he got there. Random violence. He didn't know why he left the desert. The wind was blowing. He did know some things: He was being hunted. Been that way for years now. He had found an old HK droid stowed away on this ship, with an order for his head. That was strange, he'd stolen this ship at random; but it was still here. It lay in so many pieces now, all over the ship. He knew that Exar Kun--the very definition of the word 'enemy' in Justin's mind--knew he was still alive, and was waiting for him. 'Pleased with his progress' might be the best description, but that mattered little. He knew that Jenna was aware of his condition, as well. She wouldn't be aware of anything, should they ever cross paths again. He knew he and his son were somehow linked together. Their dreams were only different in perspective, but most of the details were identical. Above all, he knew that he was going to kill them all. Exar Kun, Jenna, Seth, and his dauhter Sarah, too. Exar Kun would be the most likely to stop him, being ethereal and all, but he would not succeed in saving his unlife, either. He wasn't ready for the storm. He wasn't ready for the Reaper. He would have all the revenge he could want. But not yet. -Justin
  8. Crusty, older members who only post once a month on average and only because Facebook seems so new-fangled and cheap, but they still feel some residual, almost instinctual calling to express themselves online...THAT's so OtakuBoards. :Glass raised to Piro: Also, failed RPs and half-written stories in Anthology...that's so OtakuBoards. -Justin
  9. By the time the stories began reaching what, on Tatooine, passed for civilization, you could've believed the Raiders' desert god had come to life out there. Whole caravans, slaughtered. Piercing wailing all night reported by those caravans and traders left otherwise unmolested. Big news, for a small planet. Then one day, the storm passed. Tatooine sank back into routine, and forgot about it. Sandstorms, Krayt dragons, Tuskens, and outlanders all took a share of the blame. The storm passed. ------------------------------------------------------- The boy was now nearly ten-years-old. The dreams never, ever stopped; but his speaking of them did. He saw through the eyes of a being much older than himself, and with an anger stored deep in his mind from which he would never recover. He hated his father. He hated his sister, who was his father's favorite. And above all, he hated his mother. Oh, he knew Exar Kun wasn't his father, in the biological sense. The man in his dreams was his father. He hated that man, too. It was the fault of that man that he could've ever sleep. But Exar Kun was the only male of his species he'd ever known. He was 'Father'. "You're weak, boy. Just like your mother." That his mother was present in no way curbed his father's venom. "You think I don't know your mind? I do. Oh, I do. I knew your mind before your mother knew you existed. I should've killed you then, and would have, but for your lovely sister. She is the strength that saved your life then, if only to be the strength that will end your life later." The mother, red hair still brilliant, stood silent. Not aghast, nor defensive. Simply silent. The daughter stood notably closer to the ethereal father, also stoicly silent. "Boy." The spectral father called. "Yes." "Pray." The word trailed into an audible growl, like distant thunder. The boy ignited his small, red lightsaber. The words seemed nearly in tune with the humming blade. The room resonated with their resolve, with their sorrow, and with their dark power. "This is my weapon. This weapon is my strength. My strength is the beginning of my freedom. My freedom is the beginning of my power. My power is the means to order. Order is the method of achieving peace. The peace of the sword." "I am the reaper." "What did you say, boy?" The room seemed to close in around the child, suffocating him. "I...I don't know, fath--" "Don't. Don't call me that. You spoke. What is it that you said?" The menacing face was the eye of a hurricane. "I.." "Speak, damn you!" "I am the reaper." The boy stated, and with some resolved. He looked his father in the eye. "The reaper, you say? And what possessed you to add that to your prayers?" "My dreams. I heard it in my dreams." Exar Kun audibly laughed, "The Reaper. How cute." "What is to be my punishment, then?" The boy asked, passively. "None. No, not today. Not today, my little Reaper." The spectre faded from all but the fainest perception, and the air in the room became breathable again. The mother did not rush to check on her son. She simply waved the sister away curtly, and then dismissed herself without a sound. The boy turned off his lightsaber, and the room fell into the darkness of a crypt. "I am the Reaper." -Justin
  10. I feel cheated when I turn on the television, and when I go to the polls. Conservatism in America has become market for dealing in ignorance, and liberalism in America has become a market for dealing in blindness. There are, in fact, some broken bones that can only heal properly if first rebroken. I think that is what we need. The television news media can burn with the bipartisan system, for all I care. Had no one listened to Dr. King, what do you think he'd have done? What would Malcolm X have done? You can't fix men like Glenn Beck with a sex tape. Someone would fill the niche. I'd say try an expose, but I doubt many would read it. -Justin
  11. The whole issue tempts a Bible burning on the steps of his church, on a Sunday morning; but I don't have time for that. In reality, I agree mostly with old James. Book burning, as a rule, bespeaks a certain degree of barbarism. Be it Harry Potter, or any other book of fairy tales. -Justin
  12. Current Display Name: Justin Username: There's a difference now? Previous Usernames: Justin, plus a couple of others. But mostly just Justin. Join Date: January 18, 2001 Usual Name IRL: Justin Age: 23, or 26, whichever you prefer. Gender: M Member Picture/Description: Sleek, yet firm. Powerful shoulders, somewhat almond eyes. A smooth, evenly tanned complexion. Feathery, almond-blonde hair. A voice that oozes power and charisma. Desktop screenshot: O_o Do you play any sports?: Not since high school. What do you study?: I have a PhD in Everything. Job: Sailor. What languages do you speak/write?: English, Bad English, American, Oomlich, Japalatinese, and Farsi. Location: Georgia. Religion: Hateful thing, that. Opinion on Religions: ^ Sexuality: Amazing, compelling, irresistable. Opinion on homosexuality: That sexuality shouldn't be considered so simple as to be classified as 'homo' OR 'hetero'. It's kinda like only having two political parties: Not really much choice there. Political opinion: Supporter of the following political organizations: The Popular Front for the Restoration of the People's Feudal Democratic Imperial Republic of Jahangirestan; HYDRA; The Dead Peasants Party; HYDRA Guerrilla Movement; The Alliance for the Seperation of Church and State. Opinion on Political Opinions: You're probably wrong. Or at the very least, not right. Operating System: Whatever is under the keyboard under my fingers. Opinion on Operating Systems: They are all connected to computers, which all suck. Do you text/call while driving?: Sometimes. Opinion on Texting/Calling while driving: Only hateful non-patriots who hate freedom and Jesus do that!!!!!!!!!! Opinion on Evolution Theory: There is no opinion. It is fact. Anyone who thinks it's not a fact, cleearly misunderstands the word 'theory' in a scientific context. Opinion on Tasing: Hilarious. Opinion on Health Care: Abysmal. Opinion on Abortions: Mother Nature carries out far more on a daily basis than we ever could, so why shouldn't we have that choice too? Opinion on Euthanasia: Same. What does your user name/display name mean?: Justin. Which is Greek for 'extremely sexy and intelligent'. I also read that in Coptic it has the connotation of 'god-like in demeanor and appearance'. What members would you like to meet?: James. I've owed him a good bedding for some years. OB Family: ...o_O. Creep. Ninjas or Pirates?: I'm a sailor. Pirates are my worst enemy. But they are snazzy dressers. I'll take gremlins. Chicken or the Egg?: The single-cell organism. XL Basic or Wet Paint?: Whichever was the light blue one. This orange freaks me out. Why did the chicken cross the street?: He didn't, he crossed the ROAD. How wrong was Kanye for disrupting Taylor's MTV Awards moment?: She sucks. He should've shot her. Are you from 2001-ish?: Yep. The Nerdiest Thing You've Ever Done: Continued posting here for nearly ten years, and loving it. Your celebrity crush: Justin. Do you like cooking?: Yes, but I like burning more. Do you procastinate much?: Maybe tomorrow. If you could go back in time five years, what's one thing would you tell yourself?: God isn't real. Worship the Tooth Fairy, ye heathen! Your worst crime ever: Pissing in public. What book are you currently reading?: Shahnameh. Best April fools Moment: "Guess what, you're being honorably discharged from the Navy!" "Sweet!" "Ha. April Fools." "Damn." Valentine's Day ideas: I'm really bad at those. What did you get for your Christmas?: G.I. Joes. Best birthday gifts your ever received: I durno. Favourite Sandwich: BBQ Favourite Recipe: BBQ Favourite Class In School: BBQ Favourite Sock: The Left. Least Favourite Sock: The Right. Favourite Band/Musician: Usually myself. Favourite Song: The one I wrote that one time. Your Theme Song: Captain Planet. Favourite love songs: Captain Planet. Favourite Anime: Captain Planet. Favourite Manga: Excuse me? Favourite Film: Hell House. Favourite TV Show: America. Favourite Actor/Actress: My wife. Favourite Director: Me. Favourite Video Game: Oblivion. Favourite Board Game: Apples to Apples. Favourite Game Console: Mine. Favourite OB Thread: The seven thousand "I'm leaving..."s. Favourite OB RPG: The one with the ModRod!!! Favourite OB Member: James' sexy ass. Favourite OB Staff Member: Myself. I have been implanted among you as the secret Otaku Moderating Inquistor! Favourite OB Memory: It's in the future, but it is the moment I secretly take over OB and ressurect all the old demons of the past. It'll begin with the best of intentions; to cleanse the OB world of the unworthy in a trial by fire. But it'll end in complete devastion and the death of many beloved Otakus. To include: Shy, James, Ken, Sara, and a returned Transtic Nerve. Fortunately, I'll be defeated by an alliance consisting of many others of the Resistance de Otaku, just as I was about to us the revived power of the ModRod for ultimate domination of the Boards forever. Favourite OB Version: All of the non-orange ones. Favourite All-time OB Forum: This'un. Favourite OB Inside Joke: kuja. Favourite LolCat: Missed that one. Favourite Youtube video: I Do Not Free Base Cocaine. Shameless Plug: ME!!!!! Other: -- -Justin
  13. Ah, yes. Pies. They are every bit as innocent as the American Dream. -Justin
  14. [quote name='Gavin' date='19 August 2010 - 08:18 PM' timestamp='1282245493' post='699615'] [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]I continue to stand by my previous assertions.[/size][/font] [/quote] Yes, but oh, how sweet the comedy would be. All we'd need then is a couple Jenna's and a few Seph's and maybe a sprinkle or two of Transtic's and we'd a real, old-time OB cake. Which sounds a bit dirty, taken out of context. -Justin
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