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  1. The (admittedly few) bulletin boards out there that remain successful have something that grounds them, generally. A specific fandom for which they are an established community. OB doesn't really have that, as we were always much more than an anime/gaming community.    The reality is that I don't see any particular way to rehash those good old days. We were so disparate and general back then that few of us had much in common, outside of being folks who hung out on OB. Without that core subject or focus for a continuation of the community--something to attract new folks and keep old
  2. I can't believe these old Topaz pics still exist, but I managed to find mine too. Scanning through that old Geocities page was like playing with a time machine. -Justin
  3. I hear talk that certain old moderators still secretly lurk, searching for the ancient and venerated modhammer. But that's probably just a rumor. -Justin
  4. While I'm thinking about it, I have to credit this forum for my understanding of the written English language. And while I was trying to say that, it literally took me four seperate tries at spelling 'understanding'. It just couldn't make my fingers do it. -Justin
  5. I didn't realize that Piro gave King Kamakazi(sic)'s Throne away. Granted, you took it without asking in the first place, but I mean, really? Is the ALL CAPS legacy, ambiguously referenced age, and perhaps Gokunine hero status really become so devalued that people are just passing it off like some cheap trinket now? I'll have you know, one cannot simply misspell their moniker and magically [i]become[/i] the king. Something which, curiously, this pretender has not even done! What are the Boards coming to, then? My crown was ordained from On High, damn you! By the All-B
  6. I actually have a long-time friend that belongs to this particular...er...school of thought. They also believe in the appearance of mysterious diamonds and gems from heaven, gold dust, and a plethora of other somewhat odd manifestations of heaven. Needless to say, this friend won't be attending the debauchery held in his honor on the night of 21 May. -Justin
  7. The swirl of hyperspace no longer had its calming effect. It reminded him now of the swirl of a sandstorm. Only bright and blue, rather than dark and red. A juxtaposition not unlike Jedi and Sith, in some aspects. A difference only in color, but two characters both equally annoying to him. The desert years had changed him. He had lived not unlike a force of nature so long, reassuming the identity of a civilized being seemed a bit silly. He wanted to rage. To ebb and flow, with the wind. They were gale-force right now. The dreams could not be silenced. They could only be drowned out by th
  8. Crusty, older members who only post once a month on average and only because Facebook seems so new-fangled and cheap, but they still feel some residual, almost instinctual calling to express themselves online...THAT's so OtakuBoards. :Glass raised to Piro: Also, failed RPs and half-written stories in Anthology...that's so OtakuBoards. -Justin
  9. By the time the stories began reaching what, on Tatooine, passed for civilization, you could've believed the Raiders' desert god had come to life out there. Whole caravans, slaughtered. Piercing wailing all night reported by those caravans and traders left otherwise unmolested. Big news, for a small planet. Then one day, the storm passed. Tatooine sank back into routine, and forgot about it. Sandstorms, Krayt dragons, Tuskens, and outlanders all took a share of the blame. The storm passed. ------------------------------------------------------- The boy was now nearly ten-ye
  10. I feel cheated when I turn on the television, and when I go to the polls. Conservatism in America has become market for dealing in ignorance, and liberalism in America has become a market for dealing in blindness. There are, in fact, some broken bones that can only heal properly if first rebroken. I think that is what we need. The television news media can burn with the bipartisan system, for all I care. Had no one listened to Dr. King, what do you think he'd have done? What would Malcolm X have done? You can't fix men like Glenn Beck with a sex tape. Someone would fill
  11. The whole issue tempts a Bible burning on the steps of his church, on a Sunday morning; but I don't have time for that. In reality, I agree mostly with old James. Book burning, as a rule, bespeaks a certain degree of barbarism. Be it Harry Potter, or any other book of fairy tales. -Justin
  12. Current Display Name: Justin Username: There's a difference now? Previous Usernames: Justin, plus a couple of others. But mostly just Justin. Join Date: January 18, 2001 Usual Name IRL: Justin Age: 23, or 26, whichever you prefer. Gender: M Member Picture/Description: Sleek, yet firm. Powerful shoulders, somewhat almond eyes. A smooth, evenly tanned complexion. Feathery, almond-blonde hair. A voice that oozes power and charisma. Desktop screenshot: O_o Do you play any sports?: Not since high school. What do you study?: I have a PhD in Everything. Job: Sail
  13. Ah, yes. Pies. They are every bit as innocent as the American Dream. -Justin
  14. [quote name='Gavin' date='19 August 2010 - 08:18 PM' timestamp='1282245493' post='699615'] [font="Tahoma"][size="2"]I continue to stand by my previous assertions.[/size][/font] [/quote] Yes, but oh, how sweet the comedy would be. All we'd need then is a couple Jenna's and a few Seph's and maybe a sprinkle or two of Transtic's and we'd a real, old-time OB cake. Which sounds a bit dirty, taken out of context. -Justin
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