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  1. Haven't been on since my birthday in March...oh snap

  2. Haven't been on since my birthday in March...oh snap

    1. James


      Welcome back. ;-)

  3. You're back! I hope you stay around. :P

  4. [quote name='Ducky' timestamp='1297786481' post='705015'] [B]World of Warcraft[/B]: My brothers are [I]super[/I] into this game, and I can see how I might like it if I ever got around to playing it, but I'm bullheadedly opposed to playing it on principle. (Too many arguments over the computer as a result of this game. That, and it ate my brothers' souls.) [/quote] [color="#000080"][font="Arial"][size="2"]Understandable, as over the course of five years and I had my soul eaten. I'd have to thank my buddy for my addiction to MMORPGs as he introduced me to Everquest back in '99. Since then I've played Dark Age of Camelot, City of Heros/Villains, Guild Wars, EVE Online and ultimately WoW. WoW probably had the strongest hold on me as I was a fan of the RTS games it was based on (and scintillating enviroment that enthralls you). I try to keep myself busy with other things so I don't fall off the wagon and go back for Cataclysm.[/size][/font][/color]
  5. You're driving or walking and see a billboard/sign/poster with a candidate and the slogan "Invest in the Future." What would you think regarding this at first. "Oh, this guy is going to cost me money " "Hmmm...what does he mean by that? " or "He sounds pretty solid, I'll consider voting for him. " Thanks for the input!
  6. Mashed taters n meatballs for dinner...wheee

  7. [color="#000080"][size="2"][font="Arial Narrow"]Christina Aguilera - National Anthem fail Black Eyed Peas - Halftime Show fail[/font][/size][/color]
  8. It took my brother and I a good couple of days to beat Reach on Legendary difficulty. I have really enjoyed the firefight mode. If you want to try something hard, turn gruntacolypse into elite/hunteracolypse...10 sets.
  9. [attachment=15011:random.jpg][font="Arial Narrow"]This pic's a bit old(about a month-ish). If I didn't look horrid right now from the insane amount of alcohol and tears of jets fans last night, I would take one right now haha.[/font] Edit: I'm the one in the brown leather jacket.
  10. Coffee at 1AM, not the brightest idea.

    1. Endymion


      Hello Big O OST, time to cut you into my mp3 list while playing Reach

  11. 39 days until Pokemon Black/White is released. So SoulSilver Halo: Reach will have to tide me over until then. Speaking of pokemon...my brother needs to hurry up and catch Kyogre so he can trade it to me so I can catch Rayquaza :D Gruntocalypse on Halo Reach is fun...especially if you make it so you don't have shields and bonus rounds are 3 sets of hunter kill teams :D
  12. Boredom. Helps meh

    1. James


      Wow, you haven't been around for ages. Welcome back. :P

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