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Writing Star Wars: Blind Faith


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Note: This is an original story. It's set [i]after[/i] the eventual fall of the Vong and, because I've not read the last two or three NJO books, it may or may not line up with them.
Luke walked the dark corridors of the new capital building on Corellia. It was hard to believe the destruction his eyes had seen in his lifetime. He remembered the days of the Empire, and then compared them to the days of the Vong.

He couldn't help but think that somehow, maybe by the will of the Force, the first had prepared him for the second. He stood now, on the other side of both, a completely different person than when he had begun. He felt like a relic of a time long passed now.

Many of the existing Jedi had converted to the belief that taught that the Force was not an entity worthy of reverence, but a tool worthy of respect. They followed the beliefs of his late nephew, Anakin Solo. Erroneous beliefs--the beliefs of a brash, hot-blooded, youngster.

Luke was now well on in years, and he had retired from the council seat. Leaving it to the council to choose a new leader, he wanted no more part of what he foresaw for the Order. It would be no Order, it would become a Disorder. The Light Side would reckon with those who abandoned it, which so many so-called 'Jedi' were doing by adopting this new doctine.

Luke found that he was no longer a teacher, or a master. He was no longer a defender of the peace. He was a backwards-thinking old man, and a joke. Only young Jacen continued to teach the true Way, and he had few followers.

Yoda had Dagoba. Ben had Tatooine. Luke chose Yavin. Yavin, which had served this galaxy a thousand times as a key planet, had now been abandoned. He would make a home of it. Mara and he would live the rest of their lives out there, and they would leave young Ben Skywalker in the stewardship of Jacen.

"[i]Master Skywalker.[/i]"A sly, raspy voice spit the name out like a candy-coated rotten egg, and Luke turned to look on Saf Kijin, a Rodian and an avid believer in Anism(the title of the new belief).

"What do you want?" Luke felt as though his voice thundered across the Corellian sky, and perhaps if the Rodian were as attuned to the Force as he thought, it would've thundered in his mind, but all he heard was the venomous whisper of an angry old human.

"Just to say that I'm sorry to see you're leaving at such a ripe, good age. I wonder...who'll be chosen as your replacement, and then who'll be chosen as theirs?" the selfish creature asked.

"It won't be you, in either case. I left the decision up to the council, and you aren't in their favor..or mine. Good day, Saf." Luke turned to head again towards his cruiser.

"Be careful, old man. Do not underestimate the unity of Anists. We are the true way, and we're going to eliminate the ancient thinking you and yours incorrectly teach." Saf's tone grew threatening.

Luke turned his head back to the Rodian, "A vergence is occuring in the Force. The Dark Side is growing stronger. The Dark Side is the side that you serve." Luke said.

"There are no 'sides'. The Force is a tool. A great tool, but nothing more."

Luke turned away again, and walked to his cruiser. Turning again to Saf, he said, "The truth will be known."

Jaina Solo looked over at her brother, Jacen. Jacen, so firm is his faith that the Force was not a mere tool. So strong in that. He was a definite asset to his cause. Most Anists were snivelling, selfish pigs. Jaina wished that she could be so strong.

Jacen would not become the council seat, and she knew it. The rest of the council would see to it that such a zealot did not rise again. Afterall, they'd just rid themselves of Luke. Too much politics were involved. "[i]It's a shame. He's the most qualified one here.[/i]" She thought.

Ben's new ZH-Outsider fighter howled as it streaked across Coruscant's atmosphere. He looked down at the reconstruction process, wondering what all those workers were finding down in the depths, or, what used to be the depths of the city.

He was headed to only running facility on the planet. The future Senate Hall. The capital had been temporarily moved to Corellia, but they were working on restoring Coruscant to its former state.

None of this mattered, he just wanted to see his mother.

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Eh...sorry it hasn't come more quickly. I've been busy all week...

"Master Skywalker, all is not well with your husband." A Twi Lek senator named Ojdan Buula said.

"Why do you say that" Mara Jade Skywalker asked roughly.

"He's left the Council, you know. There's talk of insanity."

"And it' people like you that spread it." Mara said, not facing him.

"You know I've always only had the best in mind for you and your family, Jedi Skywalker." The Twi' Lek recoiled. He was a politician, and did the typical politician things. But he meant no great harm to the Skywalkers. In fact, he was fond of them, at times. But he was a politician, and had to go the way of the majority.

"My son is here. Don't bother him with these things." She turned a venomous gaze to him.

"Mom!" Ben shouted before he even turned the corner, "Mom, what's going on?" He asked desperately.

"Your father is retiring. That's all." She said coldly.

"Why wasn't I told?"

"Because it was not my business to tell." She said with the same cold air.

"You know that the President will start pulling strings to get [i]Master[/i] Hyan in the Council seat, now, don't you?" He said, almost pleading.

"Yes, Ben. I know." She said, turning a maternal gaze on her son.

"Well, what if he gets in?"

"Something is about to happen. Your father senses it too, and he wouldn't just leave like that unless he knew he was not needed. Don't be afraid."
[i]In a smaller, independent portion outside of the control of President Shirsham Jaal's Great Republic. In the Tingel Arm[/i]

"Jedi Luke Skywalker has left the Jedi Council. The new belief system rising is too much for his old eyes to bear. I cannot say that I am pleased in this matter, either. Soon it will spread to the Krashan Republic, and [i]we'll[/i] have to deal with it." Greyed Tripoli, Chancellor of the KP, said to the Premier.

"We could invite the Solos and Skywalkers to come here. They could set up a base for themselves in our borders. That could be good." Premier Hussen said, nervously.

"No. They are too engrained with Coruscant, Corellia, and all the other familarities of the republics of the past. We couldn't convince them to come here--they probably still think of us as rebellious." He said sagely.

"But we could try--"

"You see, Premier, that's your problem. You have to worry so much about your political career. You should've run fo chancellor, where you're in for life.

The Great Republic would see that as more of an act of war, than an act of faith. They're already cushioning their barriers on the coreside boundary. We don't need to strike any matches."

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