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is anyone here registered to.....


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[url]www.turbosnails.com[/url] ?
if yes, do you want to race me? please PM me!!

iF not, and you don't even know what this site is,

It's a site where u can challenge other people and race them with a turbosnail and a course thet you choose. You get to place 3 turbo boosters on the track, and 3 traps for the opposition (the opposition also gets to do this) Then you race. When you win a race, you collect a disc. You need to collect 32. WHen you are really good, and you have won heaps of races, you might get on the leader board. The people on the leader board get monthly prizes.


so please PM me if you go to the TurboSnails site, or are going to. Maybe we can race!!
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