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  1. I might have been from 2001 :)
  2. Gaming

    Currently playing through Yakuza 4, it's even better than Yakuza 3 (which I loved) Also playing MvC3 competetively until Tekken Tag 2 is out in arcades sometime this year *waves to old school people*
  3. Has anyone watched this anime yet? I have currently watched up to episode 25 and have but one thing to say Awesome! This is easily in my fave top 10 anime and I'll let you know I have watched many :P The animation and music is top notch, as are the characters, the fighting is great also I must admit I had my doubts about this when I heard it was an anime based on boxing, but after watching it all I can do is give it 2 thumbs up :) What do you guys think of it?
  4. [COLOR="DarkRed"][I]The full moon enveloped the night, and Sephiroth, the mayor, was already in bed. However he could not sleep as he felt something creeping up on the back of his mind, something was not quite right. It was then that he was startled by heavy knocking on his door. It was 2am and he was the town mayor, no matter what time it was he had to be there for his people. As the knocking continued he quickly picked up the lantern and made his way towards the door. Sephiroth opened the door and raised his eyebrows at the sight that awaited him, a young man completely covered in blood. "What happened?! Where are you hurt?!" Sephiroth shouted. The young man tried to speak, but could only muster a gurgling sound, he was clearly in a lot of pain. Sephiroth tried to rush the man to his bed, the man was now screaming in pain and foaming at the mouth, he began to spasm, it was so bad that Sephiroth could hear bones break. Sephiroth ran towards the window to call out to the town, there was little he could do for the poor man. As Sephiroth continued shouting for help, he suddenly felt numb, he looked down to see a huge clawed hand had pierced his stomach. Sephiroth pulled the hand out of his stomach and slowly turned around, breathing heavily, the floor soaked with his blood. He glared at his attacker. " have come.....filthy creature" Sephiroth said "Puny human, this town is ours" the creature snarled Two more shadows had stepped into the room, their glowing blue eyes glaring right at the mayor. "I there are 3 of you this time, no matter" Sephiroth said as he picked up the nearest thing he could use as a weapon, which happened to be a shoe. Sephiroth threw the shoe at the Werewolf, it bounced off it's head harmlessly. "You've got to be kidding me.....a shoe?" The creature laughed. "You got any better idea's? Now finish me off already" Sephiroth's screams of pain could be heard throughout the whole town, by the time the townsfolk arrived at the Mayor's quarters, there wasn't much of him, mostly just blood and flesh. One of the villager's inspected Sephiroth's remains closely. "There's no doubt about it......Werewolves" [/I] ----------------------------------- Let the games begin! It is now DAY CYCLE! Discuss possible suspects and post who you think should be lynched! [U][B]Dead Players[/B][/U] Sephiroth - Town Mayor - Death by shoe [B][U]Remaining Players[/U][/B] Ace chibi-master Darren Drizzt Do'urden Lrb Mr. Blonde Tetra of sound Vicky PM's have been sent out to ALL players regarding their game roles. The game is over when either all Werewolves are dead, or Werewolves outnumber the Civilian's. There is NO Infected Werewolf or Vigilante to accommodate the number of players. Have fun![/COLOR]
  5. [COLOR="DarkRed"]I thought it was 3 people still left alive, for some reason I thought Mr Blonde was still in the game Oh well no biggie, was funny anyway lol Civilians win![/COLOR]
  6. [COLOR="DarkRed"]Vicky was indeed the final werewolf, however to balance things out a little (you guys lynched all 3 in a row, lol) I have decided to randomly pick 1 more person to become a werewolf! It could be anyone! It is now night cycle, PM me your night actions[/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR="DarkRed"]Night cycle results The last remaining werewolf has killed [B]Tetra of sound[/B] Tetra of sound was a [B]Civilian[/B] It is now day cycle I'll be able to do all the write-up's tomorrow[/COLOR]
  8. [COLOR="DarkRed"]Darren was lynched by the civilians Darren was a [B]Werewolf[/B] Depending on when the last Werewolf dies, I may leave you guys a little surprise I will do the death write-up's when I get a chance, I am still extremely busy IRL It is now night cycle, can all respectiive parties please PM me their actions for the night[/COLOR]
  9. [COLOR="DarkRed"]Sorry for the late reply guys, but I've been [B]really[/B] busy the last few days with work and such, I dont even have time to write up a proper death scene, I'll do it later when I get the chance, I promise The werewolves have killed [B]Mr Blonde[/B] [B]Mr Blonde[/B] was the [B]Priest[/B] [B][U]Dead Players[/U][/B] Sephiroth - Town Mayor - Death by shoe Drizzt Do'urden - Civilian - Werewolf Kill Ace - Alpha Wolf - Lynched by Civilian's Mr Blonde - Priest - Werewolf Kill [B][U] Remaining Players[/U][/B] chibi-master Darren Lrb Tetra of sound Vicky It is now DAY cycle![/COLOR]
  10. [COLOR="DarkRed"][I][B]Ace[/B] could sense something was wrong as he walked through the town, it was daylight and he had the feeling that he was being watched. As he looked around he discovered that he was right, he was being everyone. The villager's had circled him now, making sure he had nowhere to run, some of them had pitchforks, some had rocks, one of them had a shoe. "What is.....the meaning of this?" One of the villager's stepped forward "I think it's fairly obvious, don't you? We don't have much to go on, and the majority believes you to be the most suspicious" The villager's raised their weapons. "Stop! Your making a big mis-" before he could even finish, he was hit in the head with a shoe, and then the villager's were upon him. [B]Ace[/B] lay completely limp on the floor, soaked in his own blood, he was dead. "Oh no....did we....make another mistake?" "No! Look!" [B]Ace's[/B] body began to twitch and shake, the transformation had begun. "He's changing! Kill it quickly!!!" one of the villager's yelled. The sound of pitchforks striking bone and sinew could be heard for at least 10 minutes, when they were done there wasn't much left of [B]Ace[/B] "Yes, finally! That's one down!" As the villager's began to celebrate, 2 shadow's began to stir in the background. "They will pay for this........" [/I] --------------------------------------------------- Ace was the [B]Alpha Wolf[/B] [B][U]Dead Players[/U][/B] Sephiroth - Town Mayor - Death by shoe Drizzt Do'urden - Civilian - Werewolf Kill Ace - Alpha Wolf - Lynched by Civilian's [B][U]Remaining Players[/U][/B] chibi-master Darren Lrb Mr. Blonde Tetra of sound Vicky It is now NIGHT cycle, can all respective people with special roles please send me a PM regarding their action ASAP. Remaining Werewolves, please decide amongst yourselfs regarding who will PM me in regards to night kills. Many thanks[/COLOR]
  11. [COLOR="DarkRed"]5 Votes are required for a lynch, and from what I can gather, [B]Ace[/B] has 5 votes against him. I will be closing the votes in 3 hours and take us into the night cycle. Many thanks[/COLOR]
  12. [quote name='Darren']I was under the impression, Gavin, that it was part of the game. I thought we were supposed to make idle banter in addition to our strategies and voting habits. Not to mention that Sephiroth asked us not to communicate via PM unless we're werewolves... I'm confused.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="DarkRed"] I think he was referring to the off topic post's that didn't contain much of anything regarding the game. As it seem's you all still have much to discuss, I will end the day cycle in approximately 20-24 hours.[/COLOR]
  13. [quote name='Darren'] I wonder what happens if no one gets the determined majority???[/QUOTE] [COLOR="DarkRed"]In that scenario, the day would end with a no lynch[/COLOR]
  14. [COLOR="DarkRed"]I forgot to add, Drizzt Do'urden, you get a "last gasp", every civilian does when they die, it's 1 post where they say their thought's and suspicions.[/COLOR]
  15. [COLOR="DarkRed"][I]It was late night, and [B]Drizzt Do'urden[/B] had to go to the toilet and seeing as there was no toilet in the house, it would mean venturing outside into the outhouse. [B]Drizzt Do'urden[/B] looked outside to see if the coast was clear, it was quiet and there wasn't a soul anywhere. With that [B]Drizzt Do'urden[/B] bolted out the door and into the outhouse. While inside, something could be heard, it sounded like it was coming from the top of the outhouse. "Is that.....growling?" No sooner had he said that, that the creatures began destroying the outhouse, [B]Drizzt Do'urden[/B] screamed for help for only a few seconds before one of the wolves went for his jugular. He was found in the early hours of the morning in a pool of his own blood. [/I] -------------------------------------------------------- It is now DAY cycle! [B][U]Dead Players[/U][/B] Sephiroth - Town Mayor - Death by shoe Drizzt Do'urden - Civilian - Werewolf Kill [B][U]Remaining Players[/U][/B] Ace chibi-master Darren Lrb Mr. Blonde Tetra of sound Vicky[/COLOR]
  16. [COLOR="DarkRed"][I]It was a day of much discussion, but when it came down to it there just wasn't enough evidence to go on. They had lost their beloved mayor and they wanted retribution, retribution which had to wait for at least another day. Most of the civilians decided to not lynch anyone tonight, and it was decided it was best to just wait and see what happens. Darkness fell upon the town, the full moon was out. All the townsfolk quickly rushed back into their houses, it was quite obvious what was going to happen. One of them was going to die tonight[/I] ------------------------------------------- It is now NIGHT cycle! The day cycle ended with a [B]No Lynch[/B] Can all respective people with special roles please send me a PM regarding their action ASAP.[/COLOR]
  17. [COLOR="DarkRed"]Just to reiterate as I received a few PM's regarding this Only Werewolves can communicate with each other via PM's regarding tactics and who to kill etc, everything else must go on in this thread. The priest must PM me every night cycle on who he/she want's to protect for the night The undercover cop must PM me every night cycle on who he/she want's to investigate for that night The alpha wolf must PM me every night cycle on who the werewolves have decided to kill During the day cycle everyone basically talks in this thread on who they suspect, etc,, and who they want to lynch, or if they want to no lynch. People can still talk here during the night cycle It is currently the day cycle Current vote count No Lynch: 2 Tetra: 1 Lrb: 1 5 votes requires for lynch/no lynch Also with casting votes, can I ask that people do so in this manner as it makes it easier for me with regards to counting votes Example Lynch: [B]No Lynch[/B] Thanks, I hope this has cleared up a lot of stuff[/COLOR]
  18. [COLOR="DarkRed"][B]How the game works and how to play[/B] The aim of the game Players are secretly assigned roles: either "werewolf", who know each other and are allowed to communicate with each other via PM; or "civilians", who know only the number of werewolves amongst them and do not know who is civilian or werewolf, civilians are not allowed to communicate with each other outside of the game. During the night phase of the game, the werewolves choose a civilian to kill (details how are stated later). During the day phase, all players debate the identities of the werewolves and vote to kill someone whom the majority suspect. Players are eliminated until only civilians or werewolves remain; the surviving side wins For those of you who are not familiar with werewolf/mafia type games, they usually go like this. There are 2 sides to the game, the civilian side, and the werewolf side At the beginning of the game there is always more civilians than werewolves Certain people will have a special role with a special ability Everyone is given a role at random, via PM This is not a roleplaying game, players seriously discuss (and have fun) trying to figure out who the werewolves are, while the werewolves try to lie and deceive the civilians to make them turn against each other and generally cause confusion as they pick off the civilians one by one For an example on how a game usually works, you can check this thread [url][/url] So generally it works like this Day phase, everyone discusses who they believe is a werewolf and cast votes (publically) on who they want to lynch/kill. No lynch is also a valid vote, no lynch means you do not want to kill anyone for that night, no lynch is usually a good way to go the first few days, changing your votes is allowed. When we have a majority vote on who to lynch, or if the majority vote to no lynch, I will end the day phase and turn the game into night phase. Night phase, the werewolves discuss with each other, secretly whether it is via PM or some sort of chat function, who they want to kill. When they come to a conclusion on who to kill, the lead werewolf, the alpha wolf, must PM me their decision on who to kill. The night phase ends when I post who got killed during the night, and the game goes into the day phase. Everyone can still talk in the thread during the night phase. If you have a special role as a civilian it is usually a good idea to NEVER reveal your role or you may be targeted by the werewolves. There can only be 1 person per special role. [B]Game roles[/B] [I][U]Civilian side[/U][/I] [I]Civilian[/I] You are a normal civilian and have no special role whatsoever, most players will have this role [I]Priest[/I] The priest is able to protect 1 person per night. If the werewolves try to kill the priests target that night, their kill for that night is cancelled. The priest cannot protect themselves. The priest must send me their "protect" target via PM during every night phase until the priest is dead. [I]Undercover Cop[/I] The UC is the most important person on the civilian side. The UC is able to investigate 1 person per night by sending me a PM during the night phase with the target they wish to investigate. I will then reply with what their role is with simply CIVILIAN or WEREWOLF. Most people who have this role usually make it known early on in the game so that the priest protects them, and also so they can keep the civilians up to date on their investigations. [I]Vigilante[/I] The vigilante is able to kill people during the night phase. He is able to kill only when the medic, UC, or himself is killed and can stock up these kills to be used whenever they wish (only 1 kill per night) except for when the vigilante themself is killed, in which case they have to use that kill on the same night. [I][U]Werewolves[/U][/I] [I]Werewolf[/I] standard werewolf, has no special abilities. [I]Infected Wolf[/I] The infected wolf has a special ability which is triggered upon death. When the IW is killed, they are able to infect someone, turning them into a werewolf. The target must be PM'ed to me. The IW will also appear as "werewolf" upon death, and not as "Infected Wolf". The IW is not able to infect the UC or priest. [I]Alpha Wolf[/I] The alpha wolf is the pack leader. While the alpha wolf is alive, werewolves win when there is an equal amount of civilians as werewolves (Ideally I want the game to have 5 wolves, 15+ civilians). The alpha wolf must PM me per night cycle with the werewolves decision on who to kill I think I've pretty much covered everything, I obviously wont be playing and will pretty much be the "narrator", and keep track of everything. I'll start the game and make a proper thread with a prologue when we have enough players, if possible I would like 20 players, that way we have a nice amount of 5 wolves 15 civilians, but I can make adjustments as long as we have more than 12 players. If your interested in signing up, just simply post here and ask to be added.[/COLOR]
  19. [COLOR="DarkRed"]The sign up's are now closed with 8 player's signed up. I will post the actual game thread later on tonight. I'm removing all special roles on the werewolf side because of the number of player's, the alpha wolf will still exist but his only special role is PM'ing me the pack's decision for the night On the civilian side I am removing the vigilante role because of the number of player's.[/COLOR]
  20. [COLOR="DarkRed"]I'll be keeping the sign up thread open until Sunday, the game will start on Monday, I will create a seperate topic for it. Tell your friends to sign up, and spread the word :) [/COLOR]
  21. Gaming

    [COLOR="DarkRed"]I played the SF4 arcade beta about 6 months ago, I liked it but it seems there are some character balancing issues since then that needs to be addressed. Zangief is totally dominating in Japan right now, good range, huge damage, can go through fireballs, among other things, check out the online videos on youtube. I'll be picking up the Japanese PS3 copy when it's released in February.[/COLOR]
  22. Gaming

    [COLOR="DarkRed"]The public demo was released today for both 360 and PC, you can download the 360 version from the marketplace and the PC version from steam. I've been playing the game for most of the day, a truly great game and I will definitely be picking up the 360 version on release. Normal is indeed way too easy, the game should be played on Advanced at the least, Expert is completely insane and I love it. Near the end of the subway stage, in the big room with the minigun turret, we got completely destroyed on Expert. We pulled the switch to open the shutter, and not only did we get absolutely SWARMED by zombies, a Tank made an appearance and simply destroyed us all. Fun times![/COLOR]
  23. [quote name='Katakidoushi']Sounds like a grand old time. I'm down. But the description of the "Vigilante" is a bit confusing. If you could clear it up for me that would be great. And you mentioned a "Medic"? Did you mean Priest?[/QUOTE] [COLOR="DarkRed"]Yeah sorry, by medic I meant priest. As for the vigilante role, basically the vigilante can only kill when the undercover cop, priest, or the vigilante him/herself dies. The vigilante gets 1 kill for each one that is dead, and can save those kills to be used at a later time, except for the one where the vigilante him/herself is killed, in that situation they have to use the kill in the same night that they died.[/COLOR]
  24. Gaming

    [quote name='Blitz_Kid']Do you know when it comes out? How much it cost to buy the game?[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]US = November 18 Europe = November 21 PC version will cost around £25-£30, 360 version around £35-£40 UK always pays a lot more for games, for US the 360 version will probably be $50 or so[/COLOR]
  25. Gaming

    [quote name='Drizzt Do'urden']It seems pretty cool, though is it the type of game where a single headshot will take one of the zombies down? Or is it a button smashing frenzy to pull off enough shots to kill them? I have to agree with you about resident Evil outbreak, it would have been a lot of fun online.[/QUOTE] [COLOR="Red"]Normal zombies die in 1 headshot, the super zombies will take more than that though. The tank and witch have a crapload of health.[/COLOR]