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Writing Conna's Story (An Inuyasha fanfic)


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]Ok, this is my first fanfic. It's about some character I made up awhile ago. It may be a little stupid this first chapter, but I promise it will get better. This is about Conna, a twelve year old fire fox demon growing up in her clan... for the first while anyway. So... ENJOY!! ^_^[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=3][B]Conna's Story[/B][/SIZE]
An Inuyasha fanfic

[SIZE=3]Chapter One[/SIZE]

One day in the depth of the forest, there was a young fire fox demon walking down a path. Her name is Conna, and with this our story begins.

"I can't stand that man," I yelled angrily," How can I call him my father?! He does this all the time! Ever since my brother died, all he's done is yell at me." The truth was, ever since my brother died to save me and half the clan, father has taken it all out on me. My father was proud of my brother, Shin, because he was the strongest in the fire fox clan. When father had heard that he had died to save me, he went crazy. He told me [I]I[/I] killed Shin, the child he was proud of.... the [I]only[/I] child he was proud of. It hurt when he said I had killed him, because I would never ever do that, Shin was the person I loved the most in the whole clan. I respect the fact that he saved me while putting his own life in danger... but I wish he hadn't left me.
The other thing that pissed my father off was that now I was the strongest in the clan. He couldn't take it, the child that "killed" Shin and is a girl, is the strongest of the clan. My mother is proud of me, but I wanted to make father happy and proud as well. "I want to know what is takes to please this guy!" I thought. I looked ahead toward the river and decided to go relax there.
I sat down and put my feet in the water,"Ahh, that feels better," I whispered with releif. I looked at my reflection in the calm water. I look at my long, dark reddish orange hair pulled back with a thin black ribbon, letting my bangs hang down in my face. I then look at my dark yellow eyes and then my gaze travels down to my thin rosey lips. I look at my young twelve year old face. I flicker my tail and finally rest my site on the red, furry ears on the top of my head. My best friend, Nao,(Naozumi) always said I was pretty, as did my mother and Shin. It felt best coming from Shin, my big brother. If Shin were still alive, he would be sitting right next to me. He always was, always there to look after me. In fact he was the great trainer that trained me.
I let myself fall onto my back and I looked up at the bright blue sky. I closed my eyes and my mind played back the scene of the day Shin died. There were demon slayers everywhere, they were after our skins and they were there for revenge. A few days before they came, some of the demons of our clan stole some items for the demon slayer village... bad move. Two days later the demon slayers attacked us so suddenly, the foxes started to transeform. But the slayers just took us down. We were well known for tararizing their village, that's another reason for them coming after us. I was being cornered by a slayer, I remember a huge fire breaking out behind the slayer, then all the sudden Shin came to my rescue. If only I could have turned into a full formed demon... but I hadn't mastered transeformation yet. Shin and the slayer fought for awhile, then the slayer did a move that caught Shin off guard.... SLASH. Shin was slipping away, I got real pissed and attacked the slayer bringing him down. I ran to Shin, the last word he said to me were," I love you so much, remember that. You must-- NNNGH-- protect... the.. clan and live... --uhhrgh--.. for me......" Then he was gone.
I opened my tear-filled eyes. I watched the clouds and birds for awhile. Then I got up, took my feet out of the water, and took out my sword. The sword and black ribbon were gifts from Shin. They always have and always will be my most treasured items. I sharpened and shined my sword untill it looked brand new. I put it away and got up to head home. I splashed some water on my hot face and left the river to the path I was on before. As I walked I started to hum a song my mother would sing. All the sudden.... WHAM! "OUCH," I said rubbing my head. I looked behind me to find Nao laughing. "NAO," I barked angrily.
"Bwahahahahahahaha!!! I'm... ha... sorry, hahaha," He managed to gasp still laughing.
"Why did you do that," I asked sort of alarmed.
"Sorry, you were just the perfect target... ya know? I just had to."
"Stop acting like a little kid! Anyway... why are you here?"
"Oh.. well, your mother sent me to tell you to come home soon--"
"If you would've let me finish you would know that right now. One, demon slayers are out hunting tonight and two, it's time for the clan to eat."
"Oh, okay."
"Good, 'cuse I'm hungry," While saying this he rubbed his tummy while it growled.
As we walked I could smell something different in the air. Nao smelled it too, we both stopped. Then the scent was clear to me, humans. Nao took my hand and we hid in a tree. " I bet it's the demon slayers," He whispered. He was right, after a few seconds we could see them. They had big weapons and had some light fighting gear on... just like I remember. It looks like they had done some demon slaying, there was skins of different demons in full form. We silently watched them go by.
"I hate humans," I said all the sudden,"They kill so many of us.. even poor Shin was one of their victims. Most of the time we don't do anything that means we deerve to die. If you ask me they are normally the ones that deserve to die." Nao looked at me as I said this, then he said,"I know how you feel about Shin and I see your point. But that's probably the same way they think of us." I nodded my head in agreement. "Lets get going shall we then," He asked cheerfully.
We jumped out of the tree and started walking down the path. As we walked, we passed the ice fox clan's territory.
"I want to meet foxes from different clans. Mayby even different kinds of demons," I told Nao.
"Don't worry, some day you will when you are older. If you leave the clan, you can meet tons of demons," Nao replyed.
"But if I leave the clan, that means I would be betraying it."
"That would be a risk you would have to take. Leaving is the only way to see these wonderful lands. One day I'll leave the clan, because I really want to see this world." I looked at him and then I declared,"Your right, some day I'll leave the clan as well!"
"I'm glad, we can explore these lands together," He commented with a kind smile on his face. I smiled back, then I saw our clans cave. We had a big cave since we have such a large population. There is also a training ground outside of our cave. Nao ran from my side and disappeared into the mouthof the cave, yelling,"Yayhey!!!!! FOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!"
I smiled and ran in after him.

[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkblue]So... how was that for the first chapter? Hope you liked it!^_^ I am curently writing chapter two. Please comment about my story.^_^[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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