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No, it's not a contest. It's just something hypothetical, mostly because my sister (her pen name is Skylark; you might know her from fanfiction.net) has been making her own fan-made Gundam sagas based on Gundam Wing. And it hit me; there are several Gundam sagas, so why shouldn't there be more?

The topic is, if you were to make your own saga (or perhaps you do have one in fanfiction), what would it be like?

I'll start by saying that I'm encouraging my sister to continue her own fic series, and use it as an inspiration for a more original Gundam saga. If you want to know, she calls her main series "Gundam Wing: The Second Chapter." Or something like that. I'd like some feedback on this, if you've read or know about it. Maybe we can all pitch in some ideas- not just for my sister's story, but all of ours. It is possible that we, or one of us, could make it happen for real.

P.S. If this topic already have a thread, I apologize.
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