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Writing Angry, Angry Man...(a fair few swears)

Jesus Chicken

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[color=blue]Yeah, I had a fight with a good friend of mine and he hit me a couple of times, not too hard, but hard enough. I was really really pissed off with him, hence this poem. Tell me what you think ok?

[I]Understand every letter...

I hope you feel a whole lot ****ing better, I hope you feel validated now,
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, I hope you feel better now,
I'm glad you had a ****house day and took it all out on me,
I'm glad that you **** and somethings always wrong with it,
I hope you feel a whole lot ****ing better, I hope you understand every letter,
always think you're right, and that its the truth you cannot see,
Because I would hate to have you thinking that you the one in the wrong,
Because I feel fine knowing that it has been your problem all along,

Yeah I hope you feel really good, we both now its time you should,
becuase everything is always
Yeah I'm sick of you taking out your problems all on someone else,
always namely me,
Yeah I know I'm an annoying prick, but thats how I am, let it be,
I don't need you to tell me what I already know,
I don't need you to tell,
all the things I can accept about everything I show,
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, yeah thats the game you want to play,
but atleast accept the goddamn truth,

**** you and your stupid fears, **** you in the eye,
I'm sick of your repititive talking ****, I wish you'd ****ing die.
So you should feel better now, that you have hit me back,
I hope you feel validated, but you won't stay on track.[/color][/I]
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