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An RP after a really great strategy RPG, though this RP will be an Action RP unlike its Videogame counterpart.....Also this will have nothing to do with the Videogame, it will feature some certain characters. If you need some foreground of the game PM me

[I]The Netherworld-
Where Demons rule and evil is a way of life. Demons dont know love, they dont know kindness. They know evil and dispair. Of course this is no exception, King Laharl the new ruler of the Netherworld is being pursued by Angelic Elites, Special Angel Assassins trained in Netherworld Dark-Arts to fend of even the strongest of Netherworld fiends. King Laharl is furious witht he Heavens attempts to assassinate him and sends his strongest Soldiers out the kill Seraph before Laharl is killed hiomself.[/I]

(There is a small backstory to start with, its not much but its something as I get further into the game i'll add more to story, either before the RP starts off or in the RP. I dont have all of the classes unlocked so you'll have to deal with small starting classes, of course Its supposed to be like the game so you can change your class, use different equipment-according to your class of course.)

Here is the classes, then the character sheet.

[B]Brawler[/B] (Fists only!)

[B]Warrior[/B] (Good with Swords)

[B]Ninja[/B] (Good with Katanas, Fair with Daggers)

[B]Ronin[/B] (Good with Large Japanese Swords)

[B]Archer[/B] (Good with Bows)

[B]Scout[/B] (Good with Guns)

[B]Rouge[/B] (Good with Daggers; can steal)

[B]Knight[/B] (Good with Giant Swords, can use shields)

[B]Red Skull/Blue Skull/Yellow Skull-MALES[/B] (Good with Staves. Red-Fire Magic, Blue-Ice Magic, Yellow-Lightning Magic)

[B]Red Mage/Blue Mage/Yellow Mage-FEMALE[/B] (Good with Staves.
Red-Fire Magic, Blue-Ice Magic, Yellow-Lightning Magic)

[B]Cleric[/B] (Good with Staves; can Heal)

[B]Prinny[/B]-(Uses two Daggers, they explode when thrown because of the bombs they carry for Special attacks)These Little guys look like cute Blue and White demon Penguins with little pouches around thier waist that store their Daggers. They always have the word "dood" in their sentences...Remember that if you are a Prinny

[B]Here is the Character sheet, I'm afraid everyone is Human. Unless you are a Prinny, or PM me requesting "Monster" classes[/B]

Weapon: (According to your class)
Bio: (Not needed since some of you wont now much about Disgaea, but you are welcome to come up with one)

[B]I'll post my character after I get a few people[/B]

[B]A LITTLE SIDE NOTE...EVERYONE WORKS FOR LAHARL...I have gotten a few PMs regarding stuff like "Can I be evil, but turn good?" "Can I work for Laharl at first then join everyone as an Angel?"....Well no you cant because everyone is on Laharls side to begin with...Just thought everyone should know[/B]
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Sounds cool.

Name: Law Su-Kun (Law)

Age: 19

Class: Brawler


Crimson Kill Bracletes: Increases the speed and strenght of his hands it also adds a dark blood magic to them.

Crimson Kill Boots: Increases the power and speed of his feet and adds a dark blood magic to them.

Decription: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=warofgenesis&image=19[/url]

Bio: Worked for Larharl as one of his head hand to hand instructors for the Brawler Units of his Army. He was given the task of helping the warriors in there battle against Laharl's assasins.
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