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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your comments on the last picture (actually, that one should be taken down a long time ago - I didn't realise that everyone was still commenting on that one instead of this one).

This is the new one I was supposed to post.
Its done in mechanical pencil.
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[size=1] Heh, I read your other thread and everybody said there was something wrong with proportions.

Well...there really isn't any proportion problems when I see it. [Only the neck....it's a bit too long] No need for me to get nit-picky. I love the drawing. The shading is [i]excellent[/i], and the picture look very elegant. ^_^ Everything seems to complement each other. Excellent job.[/size]
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Hi Naru,

That's odd...I downloaded "descend" this morning and another one of my pics turned up instead. That's why I thought everyone's commenting on the wrong picture.

I've already fixed it since then and it should download the correct picture now.

However, if you've seen that one, here's another one of my pics. Its kind of old but different from my usual.

Its supposed to be Sephiroth and Cloud in the Shinra library, but its dark and hard to make out.
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