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CB Shin

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Welcome to the San Guo Yan Yi or "Three Kingdoms" Altered Story V. First off if you have not read the book leave now. I don't want any people thinking they know the history just because they played Dynasty Warriors. That is the only requirement i need from you to enter this. Second, no one is the main character. This story is told in everyone's perspective. Anyone who has read Three Kingdoms will know that. Sign-ups end tomorrow so you better hurry. Now let's get started with the rules.:)

First off this is an altered version of the actual history, that is to say you can make up your characters and what they want to do. The setting is still the same(like cities, ect). Besides the main story itself, the actual history will progress with our development, especially main battles. Of course we will still be making battles of our own. The story begins between Kongming Debates the Southern Officials; Lu Su Rejects the Consensus and Kongming Cunningly Moves Zhou Yu to anger; Sun Quan decides on a plan to defeat Cao Cao, and can take place anywhere in China. It started a little slow but the Tale builds up until Chi Bi and goes beyond that. Choose any of the factions(Wu, Wei, Shu, Nanman or rebel) and CREATE a name to play as. You may choose up to 3 characters to roleplay as. And please be reasonable in certain situations. If it looks as if you're about to die then let it be and continue as another character.

There are stats in this story that may decide certain situations. You have 500 points to distribute in 7 categories, Leadership, War, Intelligence, Charisma, Politics, Loyalty and Health. Leadership measures your ability to lead an army or rule a nation. War measures your ability to fight in battles or duel. Intelligence measures your ability to calculate and create certain strategies with the mind. Charisma measures your personality, how friendly you are and your influence to others. Politics measures your debating ability, your political influence and your understanding of certain situations. Loyalty can make the difference of life and death. Depending on how loyal you are a ruler or his advisor might choose to kill you depending on your actions. Escape is highly unlikely, unless you have health. Health measures your physical condition and how supseptible you are to disease, sickness, and wounds. Without health you'll die easily. All of these stats will help decide your fate in certain situations, which you'll have to face one way or another so choose wisely. Story begins tomorrow.:D
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