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Sign Up Megaman Zero/Battle network fusion [Spoilers are extremely possible]

Dj Professor DM

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The False Megaman X who survived the explosion he himself created has been secretely been gaining power while zero was destroying the henchman and now brought Alpha and the Net Navi's into the world. THe Real Megaman X has returned to aid Zero. The Netnavis are now trying to hold Alpha back but are getting pushed back by The False X's forces. The False X and Alpha has made an alliance to defeat the Forces of the Reploids and the Navi's. The Navi's in retaliation joined the Reploid's. They worked together to bring back Sigma but as a reploid and without memories of him being a maverick. For peace to return and for the Navi's to return Alpha and the False X must be destroyed.

Any I missed.
and you can create your own Reploid.
Navis w/ net op
megaman Lan-
kingman tora-
Gutsman Dex-
Roll Mayl-
Protoman Chaud-
Any I missed
Created navis
~~Style sheet~~
Race(either net navi or reploid)-
(if navi)
Net-op's name:

Weapons- Z-sabre, Z-buster, Triple Rod, and Shield Boomerang.
Appearance-[IMG]http://www.kingdom-hearts2.com/zerov/z02.jpg[/IMG] think this but with black armour
Bio: Zero is the Legendary Maverick hunter and the real X's best friend. In the past Zero died to aid X and was rebuilt by X. They worked as an unbeatable team of Mavericmk Hunters. When Zero was Asleep X was fighting and needed some sleep Ciel made the false X and then eventually found Zero and revived him. Zero has been fighting for a long time to help X out. Now Zero is out to finish the job on the False X with his partner and the anti Alpha/False X forces.
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