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Writing Elemental Magicians [Contain's Chapters]


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Please read and reply. It will contain chapters. This is chapter one.

Elemental Magicians

A gently breeze blew through the hair of a young bow. He stood in the open of a large grassy field. Infront of him was some type of wolf. This wold was not ordinary though. The wolf had spikes coming out all over its body. A large amount of creatures, creatures like this one, was running freely causing panic and suffering in all towns that they came upon. The young boy raised the staff in his right hand. The wolf leaped into the air, striking down with its claws. A arrow of fire appeared out of thin air. It shot quickly at the wolf, cutting through its steel like skin. The arrow disappeared into thin air, like it appeared. Falling to the ground, the wolf had no life what so ever. It hit the ground, causing a small shake around the boy's feet. The boy fell to the ground, breathing heavily, sweat was pouring from his face. He leaned on the staff for support and pushed himself upward.

"That was a work out, but it wore me out. It's worth it, I have been fighting that wolf for quite along time now. Though now I can freely get to the mountain and gain the element known as wind." The young boy grinned and started to stagger towards the mountain.

Out of thin air, a young girl, with dark brown hair landed on the ground before him. The young girl seemed to stare , with her green eyes at the boy infront of her. She also had a staff , but it was located in her left hand. It seemed to glow a bright blue color. She then finally introduced her self.

"My name is Angela, I just came from the mountain. You see my staff, with this I can control the elements known as wind and earth. It took a while to get up the mountain..." She was interrupted.

"My name is Daigo, I also control a element, it is fire..." Daigo collasped and fell into the arms of Angela. Angela face turned a bright red.

"You seem exhausted, I must get you to a bed to rest." With this she raised her staff, dust began to fly around them. Both the young boy and girl began to lift off the ground. Angela pointed her staff North, the wind pushed them north. They traveled much faster if they had travelled by land. They arrived in a near by city, shortly after they arrived Daigo rested. Angela, although she did not know Daigo, never left his side while he was resting.

After a day of resting, Daigo awoke to find Angela's head in his lap. After listening carefully, he knew that she was sleeping. He lay back down and was careful not to awake Angela. When Angela woke up Daigo looked at her. He smiled gracefully, and Angela smiled back with a small red tent on her cheeks.

"Thanks for looking after me, Angela. I very much appreciate it." Daigo said gracefully.

"Was no problem, but why was you so wore out?" Angela replied.

"Well, I was fighting that thing for quite awhile... It took alot of the fire element to get through his steel like skin. It basically just wore me out." Daigo smiled and stood up beside his bed.

"Oh I see, so you are new to your element then. Well I just avoided that creature and used the element of earth to create large pillars above it and went to get the element. I guess you could not because of the fire element that you inherited." Angela smiled.

"Yes, I am new to my element I just inherited it about three days ago so I don't exactly know how to use it..." Daigo stopped and walked out of the room, Angela followed him.

When they was out side of the inn, Daigo looked at the mountain, he wondered if he should go back and get the element. He did not know though, he decided to travel to the next mountain. Daigo looked at Angela.

"Could you perhaps...take me to the earth mountain. So I could ... uh ... inherit the earth element. You must have traveled there before, So I thought you would know the way there."

"Yeah, I sure will, We will have a great time." She raised her staff and wind began to blow both of their hair. Their feet left the ground and they flew into the air. They could see the mountain from the sky and both smiled at each other.

"Well how long have you had your earth element?"

"About a year now, so I had alot of practice. Although it takes alot of my energy...I can make a armor around me using the earth. I know it sounds weird but the armor can protect you against alot of stuff."

"Oh I see..."
Chapter 2
Inheriting the Earth Element!
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