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  1. Hello! That is very admirable to be doing that. I will check it out. I apologize that this place is a lot quieter than it used to be almost 15 years ago or more. TheOtaku, the sister site for these forums actually does have a discord server already if you want to try it out as well. Granted it is more of a replacement of the old chat room that the website used to have than just an official news source or anything. I hope to possibly see you there! http://www.discord.gg/APVeFUY
  2. Yin and Yang! Girl being Yang like in RWBY!
  3. Whoa times totally change cool!
  4. Japan


    There was a chatroom on the sister site, TheOtaku. However the company who hosted the software went out of business and Adam, the creator hasn't found a good replacement for it yet.
  5. Greetings. So I reached out to the family and they told me that everything has been paid for. However if you would like to, they would rather you donate whatever you are willing to the places that helped Desbreko with his treatments to further the cause of finding a cure for cancer. I have found them for you guys and the links are below: City of Hope American Cancer Society Stanford Medicine Thanks for the willingness to help guys. Laura/Japan
  6. I talked to Shinmaru about it. Seems like a good idea. Let me talk to Mrs. Goudy to see if I can get a response first
  7. I am still very depressed that Desbreko is gone. However I don't think he would like this place that he loved so much or worked so hard for go to waste or gather dust. Sooooo what did everyone think of the world series game tonight? That was one crazy game to have lasted so long PLUS a rain delay.
  8. It was the least I could do. I am glad it helped lead you here. He was an amazing person. I've cried so much.I commend you for posting. I know from having parents who are not tech savvy either that joining, let alone posting on a message board can be a daunting task. It really warms my heart that we managed to get our memories and thoughts to you. Thank you so much for sharing him with us all these years.
  9. Now I suppose this memorial tribute will be rather embarrassing and jumbled. At least it is coming from the heart and with honesty. His death and suffering came as quite a shock to me as I barely check twitter much anymore due to being busy. He was one of my first friends on here. He was always there when I had to stay up to finish a paper or a school project. He always had advice for issues I had and always had a screenshot to cheer me up. He also was a huge encouragement to me when I was dealing with depression and issues with my mom throughout high school and college. It was thanks to him that I even watched some anime and get into Zelda. I remember teasing him about his hair in a way that it would be fun to braid. Which he responded that he might have his future wife do it in private...guess what won't be happening now. I always liked his hair, though. Also, it was thanks to him that I fell in love with the name Jonathon. I knew his name after prodding him for it after a while. We teased each other a lot...in a good way. I regret never being able to meet him in real life or even talk to him this last year that he was alive. I just always assumed he would be watching moe anime and precure. It wasn't till I found out last night that this all changed. A guy who was like a little brother has passed and he suffered and I never knew until now. He was a good man and he was taken far too quickly. I'll miss you, Dessy.
  10. I haven't posted here in forever. I just got back from Japan earlier this month and decided to share one of my favorite photos of me so far.
  11. I'm sad that the Otakuboards Reunion is over. Can't everyone just come back for good?

  12. Japan

    Working Out

    As one friend put it with any Shaun T regime (I do own hip hop abs) it doesn't matter too much what you eat, however your body will eventually crave the good foods to get the energy to survive his stuff than not. Aka cheeseburger will not give you sufficient energy compared to a steak dinner or something. I sort of had a falling out with hip hop abs because they wanted me to be on a strict food diet. Being poor and as busy as I am it was hard to do. I AM excited for Insanity but the price range did put me off a little. (found the DVDs for cheap at a thrift store)
  13. Where do you think you would be in life if it weren't for Otakuboards, without your circle of friends here, or any of that? I may of gotten more sleep, may not gotten as hurt by a few experiences, may of studied more... But over all I don't think I would have as many friends or learned about life as much as I did. I was a sheltered child.
  14. Japan

    David Bowie

    I never really became a fan of him till I watched Labyrinth for the first time back in 2009. I always knew he was a legend however. I was more of a Queen fan growing up. Thanks to that this song is all the more chilling.
  15. Japan

    Working Out

    I'll try my hardest! xD The desire to be sexy in cosplay is strong!
  16. Japan

    Working Out

    I could of sworn that I responded to this thread too. Better late than never I suppose. As for Insanity I know it is tough...I have a feeling I might die...or give up
  17. Japan

    Working Out

    I am going to start the Insanity work out on Monday. Hope I don't die.
  18. I find it ridiculous that a console games and computer games are requiring you to pay extra money just to finish the game. I haven't really seen this type of concept in games since MMORPGS. The game models that MMORPGS follow makes sense. Final Fantasy 7, not really. (read it would be jn parts of DLC) I feel like mobile gaming may of wrecked a little only because the quantity over quality seems to matter more. The PSP died out I think but the 3DS seems to make a comeback. I'm just noticing over all that games are becoming more of a social aspect now. Maybe that's what mobile gaming has done to influence games these days too.
  19. I think that the biggest thing OB taught me were lessons from the members here. These life lessons and life experiences from the members here has helped me so much getting through my highschool and college days. (and constantly reminding me that I matter and folks care for me during some of my darkest times in my life)
  20. Happy OtakuBoards Day, everyone! Lets get the show on the road and get the party started!
  21. Sure wield a book cause reading is fundamental and all that jazz.
  22. Ever since Clannad and Clannad After Story anime came out I've always had some form of interest in visual novels. See, anime like Air and Clannad were originally visual novels meaning a story expressed visually with voice acting and music. They are a lot of fun. Another type of game I like to play occasionally if the plot is intriguing enough are otome or dating simulator games. Anyone else out there that enjoy these games as much as I? I nearly finished Clannad until my laptop died. Besides that I did finish Go Go Nippon. Now I am working on Eden* which is about the end of the world.
  23. I would like to be a part of the facebook chat too maybe.
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