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Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz feat. The Ying Yang Twins


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I like this song...the first 10,000 times the radio stations around here played it (they always play things out).

But, yeah, I first heard of the song from Lil' Jon's website and the hook was on a loop. A month later, I turn on MTV2 and hear it again and was like, "Why does that sound familiar?" I remembered and thought, "Sweet! This song rocks!"

Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz make some notoriously infectious beats that make you jump around like a maniac [spoiler]("Bia Bia", "I Don't Give A...", "Play No Game")[/spoiler]. It is good to have a bunch of guys just gather around and get you all riled up. Have not had that much pumpin' rap since "Air Force Ones."

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I normally don't listen to rap, but Get Low is an exception. I really like the dirty version not the one on TV they messed it up. The vidoe is wild they have a little everything happening in it. Thyey did really play it out though; I was tired of it before the vidoe actually came out. I live in Atlanta and it is so old there; I'm tired of it now.
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