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Writing My Poems


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This is one of my favorite poems I wrote.
The Poem is

[I]The Rose of my Heart[/I]

The rose of my heart
it's beatslike a virgin's
beats so strongly
willingly, lonely
the beat of my Heart
beat of my mind
beat of my soul
letting it go
we are connected
you and I,
connected like the midnight sky
we're flowing from everywhere,
singing like the birds of midnight's
'Til it brings god's light,
the sun, the moon,
an arrow's dart,
[I]The rose of my heart[/I] :)
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I commend you on your poem. Nice vocab. Here's a short one i made as an assignment. everyone seemed to like it :)


Death is the rain,

Falling down gently or Sweeping mercifully,

Chilling slowly,

The rain may be soft or come thundering down,

Unpredictable at times,

Death is the rain,

Ever so gently,

Dropping down...silently.

What'ya think? It's probably not as good as yours but I seem to like it. :)
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Wow,those are really neat poems,I like how they flow altogther as one,and the words you both used are really nice!!I like both of them very much,Sanosuke159,your poem sounds like a person's thought or what they're looking at and thinking at the same time.CB Shin,your poem sounds like a rainy type of day and thought,and a person's thought about how death and rain could be alike in similar way's.Overall I think those are really nice poems and the way they sound.I hope to see more!!
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This other poem and my first I've always loved is called The One.
I hope you actually like it.

[B]Be Honest![/B]

He is faster than God's sight
He is so sweet I just want to hold him tight.
He is so light,
like the stars above the moonlight.
long hair burning;
like the hate he has made
when he is gentle,
it all begins to fade away.
like any other day.
He is my prince charming,
my angel,
my king,
my friend and my lover,
He is....

.... the One.

So, how do you think?:blush:
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Wow, you're a great poet, and I saw your poems in the other thread too :) Here's another one I JUST made up.

An Inferno of Emotion,
Always dwelling in my heart,
My mind restless as I watch her move,
Passion burning,
Soul swelling,
The longing of her grace and touch,
Can you see...her?
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Okay. Now to another level.
My other poem Untitled.

For why must I live,
And for why must I die?

For these things cannot be
seen by a blinded eye.

Once when the world will turn,
By my heart and soul will burn.

When you and I will band,
let us walk together hand and hand,
unto this wasteland.

So, how do you think?:angel:
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Even Better, I can't keep up :) Here's another one off the top of my head.

Death and Depression,
In the world,
Are not the only things one can see,
True happiness lies within one's mind,
Keep digging for the truth,
And when you find what you're looking for,
Cherish it forever more,
And never take things for granted.
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