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    Daft Punk is two words enough!
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    Student. It's evil!!
  1. stun gun Milly

    Request Smiling Cat banner

    I hope you like it ^^ [IMG]http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=19082[/IMG]
  2. stun gun Milly

    Art Cyborg 009 banner ^^

    I know this anime is pretty old, but I was listening to the ending theme song "Genesis of the next". And I felt like making a banner to go along with the song.I basically use green, I'm not exactly sure why ^^;;. But since the background was green and I choose it to be green as the main color. Please give opinions!!!! [IMG]http://img45.photobucket.com/albums/v139/crescendi/cyborg009.jpg[/IMG]
  3. stun gun Milly

    Art Some new things ^^

    Thank you all soooooo much ^_^!!!!! I worked hard on these especially the "Beyond" banner. I usually just add random things and see how it goes. I'm so happy the fonts work for them! That's one thing I worry about the most, If it's readable and clear. I'll be making more banners in the future and I'm open to banner ideas! I hope to make a Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust banner soon as well as another Animatrix banner. I'm also thinking of a Uriko banner as well, but not to sure if that one would turn out nice, since there are a very little amount of original pics of her, like the original Alice. Once again Thank you all soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. stun gun Milly

    Art Some new things ^^

    It's been very long since I've been here, but during that time, I messed around with photoshop so much, I discovered alot of new things and techniques. I made 3 banners recently that to me are really good especially the banner named "Beyond". Please rate and tell me your opinions!
  5. Recently I made a banner and avatar based on Daft Punks anime movie called Interstella 5555. The pics I found were of horrible quality, but I tried to make them look nice as possible. I also used a few different colors on the text and it looks nice. But the one thing that was hard on the banner, was the design to use. So I had made two versions. I will post them, and I want you all to decide which one looks better and why ^_^;. Here's the first version.
  6. stun gun Milly

    Daft Punk Rox

    Man, I'm one huge Daft Punk fan ^^;. I own the album Discovery and their new one that was release a while back I think, called Daft Club. I just love their music. It's the best music I've ever heard myself. My dad (being a techno lover ^^; ) absolutely loves the music. I haven't be able to see any of their music videos or Interstella 5555 >>. I wish I could buy them soon. I'm also searching for their album called "Homework", but I haven't been able to find it >>. But can someone tell me this song that Madonna made that was remixed? I know you all said her song was named "Music" was it. But I'd like to find the remixed one by Daft Punk ^_^. If I were to say which Daft Punk song is my favorite it would be Crescendolls (also the Daft Club remixed version) and Pheonix (in the new Cd Daft Club) if any one is a huge Daft Punk fan as I am, I recomend you to buy the Daft Club CD!
  7. stun gun Milly

    Art Stun Gun Milly's Banner Thread

    Thank you both ^_^. I made this banner for a best friend. He had made a message board lately. And I had agreed to make a banner for it. So here it is! I used two pics, maybe you can see the second one ^^;. I had faded it ^^. Then I used a font called Chiller, and made the first two letters red to match the banner's color and surroundings. Then I just made weird designs for the back ground ^^. I hope you all like it!
  8. stun gun Milly

    Request FlCl banner PLEASE!!!

    Hope you like it ^^. If there's something wrong with it, tell me and I'll fix it!
  9. stun gun Milly

    Art Stun Gun Milly's Banner Thread

    Here you go Wasabi, your new banner you wanted ^^;. I hope you like it. I used Gwen from No Doubt, and faded her to mix with the background and I added a nice font. It's also animated, but hopefully the animation is nice ^^.
  10. stun gun Milly

    Art New Banner...

    That banner looks fantastic! The fading effects make it look superb! I also was confused at first about what exactly was in there hehe but now i see it:D
  11. stun gun Milly

    Art Stun Gun Milly's Banner Thread

    This is a banner I made a few days ago. I put alot of effort into it and I personally LOVE IT! It matches my avatar^^. I used Photoshop to make this banner!!!! Please tell me what you think^_^
  12. stun gun Milly

    Official Technical Problems Thread for OB7

    I need to post my banner but i cant because it says that my storage limit exceeds by 200+ kbs. I cant delete the attatchments though because there are no checkboxes there... What do I do???:(
  13. stun gun Milly

    Art Death Angel Banner!

    This new banner I made today (recently for who views it later) has two pics and one of the pics I faded because when I just put it on without having it faded, it looked kind of out of place. I also gave it a blur affect to give it a more scarier feeling to it, and used a haunted looking font to match the feeling. Then I made the word "Death" in red ^^. Basically I think this banner is nice, but any opinions are welcome!!
  14. stun gun Milly

    Art Banner and Avatar set

    The banner and Avatar looks awesome! I love the colors and how the blend together! The lighting effects make the banner look outstanding!!!! The avatar looks really cool too. Its kind of hard to read Kin in the lighting but the ETIX is readable. If the text was moved a little to the right, it would be more readable:D
  15. stun gun Milly

    Art Flora's Banners...

    The banners are cool. I like how the letters were animated with the effect! The banner itself was pretty cool but it could have had more in it. I thought they were really cool though^^ I am confused though. What is beside Lopmon?? I can't see what it is lol. I Give the Armadillomon a 7/10 and the Lopmon 5/10^_^