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Ok...I was resently informed that after SD Gundam finished * :laugh: Jumps for Joy :laugh: * that 'Zeta Gundam' is taking its place. Now what in the world is Zeta Gundam? I heard some people talkin' about it and I wanna know what its like! Does anyone know anything about it?

Thanks a bunch,
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Zeta Gundam takes place 4 to 7 years after the first gundam. The first gundam you see i think is the rx189 gundam Mk2 later on he gets a new gundam called Zeta wich can transfom in to a bird mode if you will.

the Zions have ben defeated but they come back as Neo Zion
But this time Char Aznabul(I cant rember how to spell his last name sorry.) changes sides and fights a long side Amiro Ray (The famous gundam pilot) on the side of good and fight the Earth Federation and Neo Zion!

I think I got the story right. Because the websight i get my info is down, so every thing is from mermorry so it may be wrong.
When the sight is up go to [url]www.gundamw.net[/url] then click on "Vault" the scrol down untill you find Z gundam and click on what you want.:)
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Zeta was made in 1985 as the direct sequel of Mobile Suit Gundam. The story set in UC0087, 7 years after the end of One Year War. It is one of the darkest charpter of Gundam history along with Victory Gundam. The war in Zeta is sad and deadly.

In UC0083, Titan, a fraction of Earth Federation, is formed to supress the remain of Zeon. After the 30 Bunch Incident in UC0085, AEUG(Anti Earth Unified Government) and its Earth counterpart Kalaba are formed to fight against the control of Titan. Titan, with the weapons developed by the Jupiter Fleet dominated the Earth Federation. Later, Zeon on Axis joins the scene, fight for control.

The story follows Camille Biden, a 16 years old newtype boy who may be the strongest newtype in all Gundam. After joining the AEUG, he becomes their ace pilot on Gundam Mark II(RX-178) and Zeta Gundam (MSZ-006). In the blood war, he grow up and be the one carrying hope to others.

I highly recommand watch Mobile Suit Gundam before Zeta as they share many characters, such as the Whitebase crews and Char Aznable. There are a few reference to the events in One Year War as well. The animation is aged and the style is quite different from the newest stuffs. However, I find the animation really good as there is only a small amount of still shots and everything moves smoothly. Don't expect to find pretty characters like the ones in GW but the every characters have their own styles.

PS: The bird mode of Zeta is called "Waverider".
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[COLOR=darkblue][SIZE=1]Okay, I'm sorry folks but Zeta will not be airing any time soon on Toonami, the plans are for Zeta to be released on DVD only and that's in December of 2004, I'm sorry folks but it won't be airing at all on Toonami. All I can sugguest is that you save up your money for the DVD box set. If you don't believe me go to this site.[/COLOR][/SIZE]



Also, you'll have to go through the archieved news, go to the May of 2003 and you'll see the announcement about Zeta.
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