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[I]All across the Globe there are secret orginizations that undermind terrorism, they track it down, stalk it, take aim and kill it. They do it all under-wraps. These orginizations choose those loyal to their country. No. All countries, for they have no "Home Country" they are against terrorism on any soil. These orginizations choose the best of the best, in all fields of combat. From SEALs to S.W.A.T., thes men and women know thier stuff. For Anti Terrorism Tactics (ATT), they dont know fear,in fact they laugh at it. In this Elit Orginization they have the best Snipers from the Marines, The best Grunts from the ARMY, The best Pilots from the Air Force, The best from the SEALs, The best from S.W.A.T.....They have them all[/I]

Breifing: 0800 Hours, Confrence room, 3rd floor
RE: All open operatives for Mission
Mission Code: Operation: Undermind

"All Operatives attending this meeting will receive a menella folder containing a transcript of this Breifing for overviews later on. Beginning with the breifing. As you may all know, World Freelance Terrorism (WFT) has been causing quite a stir lately, taking out big name Oil Companies Oil Depots in the Middle East. Team RAINBOW has Australia under control, Philanthropy has their own agenda to worry about, and Third Echelon has Russia contained. I have no idea how the Americans are handling thier country and the Global Defense Force (GDF) are slowly being pushed out of Japan by the WFT, its only a matter of time before WFT goes big. But we must strike at WFT where it hurts, we are going to the Middle East. Tonight. Your next breifing will be with your CO in the equipment garage.

"All right. There are two entry points, both heavily guarded, meaning they know what they are doing. There are too few vantage points that would make a Sniper useless, but since there are some, there is a clear view into an office building. Since they have hostages you'll have to make sure all of your shots are clear. We also have reports from out intel about tripwires and traps. Now this being the Middle East and they being the WFT, you'll need to take extra caution while troding your way around out there. If you are spotted, or even suspected, I'm sure the WFT wouldn't mind killing a few hostages then blowing the place up, which would further deepen the conflict with the US and Iraq. Our mission is to rescue the hostages, eliminate all of the terrorist and Dis-arm all bombs in the vacinity. Now to make matter worse they have installed pressure sensetive flooring in all main generator rooms, while other rooms have laser grids. Of course there will be Cameras. Aviod destroying them if at all possible. Not much else to say...Oh yes! Third Echelon will send over one of their Splinter Cells if things get a bit fishy.
Good luck, and good hunting!"

Here is the sign-ups

[B]Pref. Weapon Choices:[/B]


A little footnote.....
I realize I'm using some of Tom Clancy's fellas, but lets face it...Team RAINBOW is great and Third Echelon is Superb. Who wouldn't want them in their RPGs? Philanthropy...Some of you may know these guys....Snake? Otacon? Yeah...Thats the spirit!
Name: Michael Sikal

Age: 26

Height/Weight: 6'2"

Nationality: American

Force: Federal Bureu of Investigation (FBI)
Position: Seargent

Pref. Weapons Choice: Ingram, Colt .45, Martial arts when needed. M5, grenades. ANything he can get his hands on.

Appearnce: [url]http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=ehrgeiz&image=32[/url]

Bio: Born to a ploce officer and his mother. Michael had a good life. He enjoyed playing sports and especially excelled in martial arts and boxing. When his father retired, Michael decided to follow in his foot steps. He entred the local police academy and exelled in mnay feilds, so they reffered him to the FBI for training. Seeing there hit potential, he soon became a star agent. Helping in amny important cases, he was asked to help by ATT. He gladly excepted, always looking for a good challenge.
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Name: Peter Banbury
Age: 22
Nationality: Great Britain
Force: SAS
Position: Mechanic/Pilot(Land Vehicles)
Pref. Weapon: Pistols; Semi-Automatic Rifles (sorry, I'm not big on gun names...)
Appearance: Medium build, slight tan. Blonde hair cut into a slightly shaggy military style crew-cut. Scars and burns scattered in few places on his arms from his early mechanic training.
Bio: Peter grew up in a slum neighborhood in London. He was lucky enough to finish high-school before he had to start work to support his large family. His family managed to scrape up enough money to buy him a car to get him to his far-away work. In that moment, his fascination grew. He started racing, and earning more and more money. By the time he was 19, he was reaching a god-like status in street racing. When he got tired of the streets, he joined the military.He soon leaped through the ranks to Luitennant(sp?). By his twenty-first birthday, the ATT approached him, and now he finds himself ready to leave for the middle-east on his first mission.
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Name: Kailen "Kai" Scott
Nationality: American
Force: CIA
Position: Field Agent
Pref. Weapon Choices: Two 9mm and her handling dog Devin
Appearance: Blond hair. Blue eyes... Dont let the "angel" look fool you
Bio: She herself grew into a cop family. Her mother, In the FBI. Her father CIA. After deciding to go out for the K-9 force on the local police, She was contacted by her father's old friend, She agreed to the job. She is the Only CIA Field Agent who uses an K-9 in the line of duty. Like Michael, was asked to be in the ATT.
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[B]Name:[/B] Private First Class (PFC) James Shuggart
[B]Age:[/B] 19
[B]Nationality:[/B] U.S.A.
[B]Force:[/B] Marines
[B]Position:[/B] T-74 Machine Gunner, Smalls Arms Specialist.
[B]Pref. Weapon Choices:[/B]: M-4 Master Key
Socom .45
Barret .50 Cal. Light
[B]Appearance:[/B] (Oh yes..CG Appearance!)
[B]Bio:[/B] Around firearms as a child he lived on a farm and hunted with his Father using a variety of firearms, such as; a .22, .45, 12 Guage Shotguns and many more rifles and pistols. After his family decided they wanted to move into a city, he grew up up at his Grandfathers farm, unwilling to let go of his past with firearms. When he got into Highschool he joined the ROTC and was immediatly praised for his expert marksmanship. After graduating Highschool with 4 years of ROTC under his belt, he enlisted into the Marines, but was scooped up by the ATT for his amazing accuracy. He is dead aim with a Sniper Rifle as well as an Assualt Rifle.
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