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Something Corporate


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Has anyone else heard of this band? I'm a little ambivalent about them. They write their own songs, which is sadly getting rarer and rarer. I like how they turn the typical pop-punk hook into stronger, piano-driven music. But at the same time, as they've grown more popular, their sound has begun to change, and I can't say that I like it.

Like so many other once-unknown bands, SC has begun to sound a lot more processed than they once did. I can barely hear the singer's vocals in some songs, which is a shame, since he has a pretty decent voice.

If you haven't heard songs by Something Corporate, find some way to listen to "Konstantine" and "Hurricane." These are, in my opinion, the group's most original songs. Konstantine is a slower, piano-heavy piece with some really beautiful lyrics and vocals.

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I've been a fan for a couple of years now. I like them a lot. In fact, they came here to WA to play at the local University and me and a friend managed to James Bond our way in and we got to meet every member of the band when the building caught on fire (no fault of our own) and then met them again after the show for pictures and autographs. William Tell is one fine mofo.

They also recorded their second album right here in Seattle too, I just hope it lives up to their older stuff.
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