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  1. They're all from Bremerton WA so they're kind of a big deal here. They're ok, but I can sympothize with the fact that they would bore someone to tears. Im just tired of turning on the radio stations here and hearing something about them. I orefer the Postal Service project myself.
  2. [quote name='Transtic Nerve']So you don't like PlC because they dress like weirdos.... but you like Shazna.... because Izam isn't the most female looking man I've ever seen....[/quote] There's a big difference between the two though. PLC dress like their going to a comic book convention and its just a little too outlandish for me. IZAM, on the other hand, just looks like any other hot woman, except he happens to be a man...
  3. [quote name='kyonen']Oh yeah! Psycho le Cemu ROCKS! Especially their mini-album, Prism even though it was old stuff. I enjoyed their indies stuff more than their major works. My favorite song is probably Prism then REMEMBRANCE.[/quote] I don't care too much for them only because they dress like wierdos (even in visual kei standards). HOWEVER, their song Gekikai Merry-go-round is so damn addicting... And speaking of old bands, is there any love in here for Shazna?
  4. [quote name='kyonen']SadClown, you're perfectly right about Orgy. Their best single is Fiction, and song is Eva.[/quote] Stitches is still a fan fav of mine too. But the Fiction video is awsome. I love guys in makeup. America should have more bands like them...
  5. Losing a wallet isn't really identity theft because all their doing is using your card to take your money and not neccesarily pretending to be you and creating accounts and racking up bills on services. Hell, people can do that without needing your walle, but I can tottaly sympithize with how rediculouse it is. I got a call from a collections adgency a few months ago saying that I owed about a grand in unpaid bills in an account I had with them. To bad I never even shop there. And companies are so stupid too. This person opened this account with an address that was three years old and no longer mine, a phone number that wasnt mine, a credit card that wasnt is my name and had tbe bills sent to a completly different town than the one that the old adress was even in. And they STILL thought it was me. I even asked them if they checked any sort of id when setting this us (becuase it was an ISP that the guy/girl was setting up). The company rep. didnt even know. To this day I dont know how they were able to do this, but they did it with no more information than they could have gotten off a letter to me. So it can happen in many ways. Thankfully I DID NOT have to pay these outrageouse bills.
  6. I personally like Orgy's cover of that song. The orginal had less flavor to it and was kind of bland. But Orgy was a good group all around, so I may be biased...
  7. [quote name='Swordmaster13']I like Seiya from the Salior Stars.I think he's really nice and cool even though he is a she.Oh well I still like him.I really hate Yaten he's moody and as for um I foreget the last ones name .[/quote] Just incase anyone wanted to know, the Seiyuu who did Seiya's voice passed away a few years ago from Leukemia...kinda sad...
  8. I read this book when I was in the 10th grade and while the use of the "N-Word" is plentiful, god knows even overly-repetative at times, I see no need to ban it. Forgetting (or ignoring) history is man's first step to repeating it.
  9. [QUOTE=kyonen][color=teal][b] I just heard Seeds Style 2000. I almost didn't finish d/ling it, since I have a 56K and my dad wanted to connect. But I got it! I'd say it's my favorite then Rebirth, then FREEZE OUT. If theres one I WISH I had, it was Is the End. The hard drive corrupted :mad: My favorite I heard from Departures so far is Kagerou, the first track. I like it because it's an accoustic song, you don't hear too many of them anymore! About -R-, I've talked to some people and they said they outdid themselves with the release! But you can't find them ANYWHERE. :confused: [/color][/b][/QUOTE] After my hard drive crashed, I havent been able to find SEED Style 2000 to save my life. And kagerou is probably the best song on the entire album, unfortunetly. The rest of it gets too cheesy and gospal sounding. Track 8 isnt that bad though.
  10. I'm in my 5th year of Japanese, so I can help in that area, but French...mmmm :sleep:
  11. Kyonen, I hadnt heard about "R" I'll have to look into it. Anyway, the best part about the Departures CD is the photobook you get. Most of the tracks on that CD aren't too spectacular. But thats my opinion. If you liked "ISTL" then you'll enjoy the rest. Is the End is a good song huh, probably my favorite next to SEED Style, which I've been unable to locate sence i lost my old CPU... Wrist Cutter, in case you cared, I bought Surface's Album the other day becuase of the song "Im Fine Thank You..." which you posted. Thanx =D
  12. What was the antagonists name? Skull-face? I can't remember...
  13. Lastier had only one major label album before they broke up/went on hiatas and yes I own it. However, its not that great because it doesnt have their best songs like "Seed", "Is the End", "Flower" and to a lesser extent "Dive into Shine". I highly recommend those songs.
  14. X is a great series to get into but make sure that u are reading/watching something light and fluffy at the same time. While I tottaly agree that plot wise the X movie was awful garbage, you have to understand (and you will by wathing the OAV) that X is a REALLY long and complicated series. It spans 20-sum tankoubans! Cramming all that info into a 2 hour movie obviously didnt work. You basically wind up with a charector being introduced only to die 5 minutes later. The one thing that the movie has over the OAV is the animation. Most people will dissagree with me, but I'm in love with 80's and 90's anime, so thats why. But the movie has much more hand drawn cells, not computer generated stuff or a combination of the two. In my opinion, it looks bad. Example: Look at Karen in the Movie and then the OAV. She looks very skinny and her chin comes to a point in the later. Plus, the movie uses a lot more dark colors, blacks and shading which make it seem that much more ominouse. But, to each his own, You'll enjoy it none the less. Happy Reading! (If you like this kind of story, I recommend Tenshi Kinryouku *Angel Sactuary* Same end of the world type thing)
  15. Black, White, Gay, Straight; on the inside we all have the same thing...GUTS, and for most people a heart...but mostly guts. I am glad that this has finally happened. I knew that Mass would be the first ever sence I lived there too. That Patricia Fitzpatric person, the tourism director from Provincetown, I know her cause I used to live there. I'd give anything to be there the day it goes into effect. It'll be SUCH a big party, considoring the whole town is gay.
  16. I may not be wearing a pair of greentights and hang around with a bunch of grown men in the woods, but how about this: if your going to argue, then why not make it geared towards the topic rather than debunking eachothers posts and bashing on people's intellegence.
  17. I remember that show. It had Virgil and Norman in it too huh.
  18. My god, you have anger issues. Go take a cool down lap and come back when your done being a flamming retard.
  19. I dont see why your getting so upset over the feelings of one person, or small group of internet people. If you like her, more power to you. I've said it before, and I agree with them, I think most pop idols are just puppets. While I'll recognize its not an easy job having the life of a pop idol, that doesnt mean I have to like her work. And I bet you that 95% of poeple that listen to music dont judge any aspect of it on a "technical level". If you like it, you like it, if not, you dont. And sure you have the right to wear whatever you want too, but dont be surprised when people call you a whore for wearing next to nothing. Oh, and I hate you too. Have a nice day. =D
  20. I am not against Live Action anime spin offs at all. I think they're funny and entertaining. My point, was that I am against this whole "westernizing" of things from other countries. It seems that we have to change multimedia culturaly before anyone here will watch it. Even dubbed anime is an example of this. We're changing the voices behind the charectors and giving them a different personality. And while there are some dubs that are better than others, i will admit this, you can offer me no proof that there is ANY that are better than the original audio. Your simply changing the original into something else. So my overal gripe is that I don't support how we have to change everything from the original before anyone will like it. I understand that things are done a certain way to appeal to the masses. I understand marketing and I know its sneaky. Ane becuase of it, a lot of times you sacrifice what might be quality work, for the flavor of the week. And not only that, I am bothered at people who claim to be fans of anime or japanese pop culture in general, when their panties only get wet when they talk about dubbed this and dubbed that. I still stick by my belief, and you can dissagree with me all you want, but you cannot enjoy something like this to its fullest extent unless its in its raw form. I welcome all views on this from everyone, but do it in a cival manner. So dont pick apart and respond to each sentence i've written with a paragraph, dont tell me I havent "justified my statements" and dont correct my grammar; that is so childish.
  21. If your at all a fan of anime then you wont promote this live action movie thing. Westernizing anything is litteraly rape and just goes to show that despite this idea of cultural diversity and equality that America is famous for, we are a very shallow minded society. Everything has to be dumbed down so we can understand it. The same goes for dubbed anime. Its no longer anime, its just crap. Like dephiling someones work of art. So my opinion of the dub is this; dont bother, go get the subbed (unless its DVD then you should have both...but should only watch the sub).
  22. Yea, the song that plays in the last 10 seconds of it is the one I'm talking about. Anyone know? =D
  23. Just looking for a quick answer from anyone who owns the ROTK soundtrack. The trailers and teasers that they showed before and during the release of ROTK had a song that I'm assuming was from the soundtrack (just like Two Towers did, the remix of Love Sonata) Anyway, my question is what is the name of the song?
  24. Getting tattoos as a way of saying "f you, I dont care what you think" takes all the artistic expression out of it. You might as well just get cartoon charectors all over your but cheeks. That'd be cool.
  25. [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by ChibiHorsewoman [/i] [B][color=violet]I know this is completely off topic, but who would name their kid Francis Bean? Isn't that some kind of cruelty to children?[/color] [/B][/QUOTE] I dunno, why would anyone name themselves ChibiHorseWoman on their own accord? Maybe she likes her name? What matters is that Courteny takes care of her. Anyway, personally I dont think Love has any real right to the lyrics but shes just trying to make money, so go ahead and let her.
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