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Art Zeo Rangers


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[size=1][color=blue][b]I've decided to do some Zeo banners. Zeo is one of my favorite seasons of Power Rangers (including Mighty Morhpin [excluding Thunder Zords] and up to Turbo).

I decided to use the Red Battlezord, Pyramidas and the Super Zeo zords because I really couldn't find any good pictures of the Zeo Zords. (Phoenix, Taurus, Sphinx and the two Cannon things). Anyways, here they are. Nothing big or spectacular.








Note: On the Pyramidas banner, he has the Red Battlezord docked on him from behind. That's where the red cannons come from.

Note: This is a thread discussing my banners, not the show. ;)[/b][/color][/size]
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[size=1]The text is a bit tricky to read on some banners. Particularly on Tanya's. But overall it works nicely. Maybe adding some more spacing to the letters.

Personally, I wish there was a bit more in the white space. It seems like you could just add one more detail.

Otherwise, awesome job.[/size]
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