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Mel Brooke's Spaceballs!


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[SIZE=1][FONT=century gothic]I've looked all around this thread for this type of topic and I havn't seen one yet. So without further ado SPACEBALLS!
Who here nows of the funniest (I find) parody of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Aliens. This movie made me laugh to the point that I couldn't breath. Just read this example and tell me this movie isn't funny.

Darth Helmet: Humm I see you shwartz are as big as mine

(Note: Swartz is the force but his meaning there light sapers which come out of their rings and it looks like they both had a well i can't say it here lol)

*They both look down at their light saber* Now lets see how well you can handle it?"

LOL I love this movie. How about you? Do you like the movie? Did you find it funny? Do you think it's the best out of all Mel Brookes movies? [/size] [/font]
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"*****, sir, Major *******!"
"Oh great, I'm surrounded by ********..."
Spaceballs is one of my favourite movies of all time! And Robin Hood: Men in Tights, and A History of the World Part I.
I've seen that movie SO many times... I practically stole it from blockbuster Bnce, I kept it so long... I just never get around to buying movies. But I know it by heart, I swear to gods.
"I hate yogurt! Even with strawberries!"
"May the schwartz be with you!"
"No sir, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!"
"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3--" "Hey!" "Just kidding! 4, 3, 2, 1, have a nice day!" "Thank you!"
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[color=darkblue][size=1][i]I own this movie. I love it. What type of name is Barf????. I have always wondered why his parents named him that. I love this movie and thats all I got to say. It was pretty funny though how they used the movie space balls to find where they were at. Then when he said for them to comb the desert they actually combed it.[/color][/size][/i]
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Granted, Leh, Spaceballs isn't at the same level as Young Frankenstein Blazing Saddles, or Silent Movie, but it still is hilarious on its own accord. It stays true to the customary Brooksian parody nature, making fun of anything and everything associated with the genre.

Young Frankenstein did that, Blazing Saddles just went all out making fun of the Hollywood ideal (as B.S....hey, also stands for bull****...hmmm...my theory holds true then.)

About Blazing Saddles, our POV never is actually in the wild west. We're in the movie theatre, watching what the actors did on camera. The core essence of the movie, that is, what is shown on the movie screen within the movie, is improv.

Granted, Brooks planned for it that way and the script was written as such, but the reality of the film shows that Cleavon Little and Gene Wilder, along with Harvey Korman and Madeline Kahn, all were simply having fun and messing around in front of the camera. The characters presenting the knowledge of the movie (Blazing Saddles) confirms this.

When Harvey Korman is rousing his scoundrels, he says, "You will be risking your lives, while I will most certainly be risking a guaranteed Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor!"

That is demonstrating character knowledge of a fictional situation, and is shown then as Harvey Korman having fun and injecting a bit of situational irony into the scene.

Later, after [spoiler]we've broken into different soundstages[/spoiler], Korman says, "I want to see how this movie ends." (or something to that effect). He's goofing off in front of the camera.

The end of the movie WE watch has [spoiler]Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little riding off into the sunset (Wilder holding the bag of popcorn from a previous scene--again rooting us in the goofing off modality), but then leave the horses with a handler and climb into a company (or lot) car that escorts them to pick up their paycheck for completing Blazing Saddles. (we infer this)[/spoiler]

Mel Brooks messes with reality in Blazing Saddles, and I gather the title not only parodies a western, but also uses the abbreviation BS, bull****, meaning a fake or nonbelievable idea.

How does this play into Spaceballs?

Mel Brooks duplicates this playful nature with reality (or movie reality, if you want) by a few choice scenes, most notably the home cassette scene.

That home cassette scene is the undeniable proof of yet Brooks movie that knows it's a movie.

By using dialogue such as "How can the movie be out already??! We're not even done making it!" the movie reveals the knowledge of itself. The various Brooks comedies lining the shelves provide more strength to the "self-knowledgeable movie."

I say, Spaceballs is much better than any "self-knowledgeable movie" coming from Kevin Smith. While I regard Kevin Smith very highly and respect him for what he has done with film, Brooks does the "self-knowledgeable movie" better with Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein, and Spaceballs. Spaceballs is filled with more intelligent self-referential irony than we find in Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back, most likely due to the cast and crew of the films.

Would we rather watch Jay Mewes and Kevin Smith, or Mel Brooks (an undisputed king of comedic craft), Rick Moranis, and John Candy?

Spaceballs, while not Brooks's finest, is certainly one of the better "self-knowledgeable" movies that we know of.
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[color=red][size=1][font=arial]The only movie Lucas was afraid of (Lucas told Brooks he would be okay with the release, but only if there would be no merchandising. Hence, we can't buy those lovely items so shamelessly placed on screen *sniffle*)

Love this film. Its got comedy, its got John Candy, and its a Star Wars parody that points out everything we all thought was kinda odd.

Geez, I should really go find the DVD...

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Spaceballs cracked me up! It's an awesome movie! :laugh:
I found it quite funny when the princess was listening to her walkman and you think her headphones are her hair (Princess Leah's cinnanmon roll buns) :D
As far as other Brooks films go, I've only seen Blazing Saddles and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Both were great, but I'm partial to RH. (*pant* Cary Elwes *pant* "Oh, my sweet Westley!")
I think it's awesome the way Brooks is capable of making such awesome parodies. I've really never seen any live action parodies to compare him to. (You've got to admit, Shrek was hilarious for those of us who grew up watching all of those Disney movies!)
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Yah Robin hood men in tights. lol I love the beginning.

Villagers: Why do they always start a robin hoods movie by burning our village down?

Villagers: Leave us alone Mel Brookes!

My sister loves this part in Robin Hoods:

Blind guy(forgot his name lol): Oh master you lost your arms in battle. But you grew great big boobs.

Overall though I find Spaceballs the funniest of them all. What are your favorite parts in the movies?, Why do you like them so much? and Who eles do you know likes it?
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Good. There's a thread. Saves me the trouble of starting one.

Seriously, this movie is sooo hilarious it's not even funny, except for the fact that it is. I mean, who doesn't remember all the helmet gags, the Schwartz jokes, and the ever-classic a-hole sequence.

"Who is that?"

"He's an a-hole, sir."

"I know he is. What's his name?"

"A-hole is his name, sir. Major A-hole."

Seriously, classic.
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