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Hey whats up. I would like some new anime jokes. Here's the best I got.

From Inuyasha:
10. Will anyone please give my ears a tweak?
9. Ramen? I don't wanna eat your nasty ramen, Kagome!
8. Myouga-jiji, I understand you. You weren't runnin' away, but thinking about the best for us all. Here, have a little sip of my blood.
7. Why don't we invite Naraku, Kagura and Kanna to our little get-together? I need to thank Naraku for what he did for me by getting rid of Kikyou...
6. Kouga, let's stop this name calling and become best buds.
5. I think we should donate the Shikon no Tama to the village. It's just too pretty for me to have.
4. Let's forget our differences. Here, you can have the Tessaiga Sesshoumaru-nii-chan. (older brother)
3. Can't we just talk about this? If we can avoid violence...
2. (After her resurrection) Kikyou, you're the nicest girl I know. Try to be a little evil sometimes, okay?
1. (In front of his entire party, in a loud voice without blushing.) Kagome, I love you! Let's get married right now! Screw Kikyou and any thoughts about having been responsible for her death!

From Kagome:
10. Forget school! Who needs to worry about tests?
9. I don't care about all of your guys' problems. Let's talk about me, dammit!
8. Shippou, quit being such a baby! And quit sitting on my lap, shoulders, or anywhere else. Ever heard of personal space?
7. Myouga-jichan, I wanna run away too! Inuyasha can take care of himself, right?
6. Houjou-kun, I love you!
5. Naraku, I know Kikyou turned you down, but can you accept her reincarnation instead?
4. Inuyasha, sorry but I'm running away with Kouga...he makes me so happy, and well, you don't.
3. Sesshoumaru, I've come to elope with you. You are the much better looking, stronger, more gentle brother...
2. Step aside Inuyasha. Let me handle this one!
1. You want to kill me, Kikyou? Go right ahead! I want YOU to be happy!

From Kikyou:
10. Hello. My name's Kikyou and I have a serious problem of trying to get revenge on my sort of ex-boyfriend. I hope you all can support me as I try to get over him.
9. Kaede, why are you still the same height as when I died 50 years ago?
8. Damn, I wish I would've gone for that Onigumo guy...
7. First I passed up Onigumo, and then I didn't go after Sesshoumaru. Now, WHAT was I thinking?
6. Forget taking you to hell, I've got tickets to go to the Bahamas, Inuyasha!
5. Inuyasha, I wish you well with Kagome. I just love to see two people in love with each other. ::giggle::
4. Kagome, let's put aside our differences. Inuyasha just isn't worth it!
3. ::waving aside the Shinidamachuu: Ew! Go away! I hate snake-looking creatures!
2. Being a miko is depressing. I wanna become a full-fledged demon!
1. All this time people thought I was going after Inuyasha. Boy, were they wrong! I don't want anyone to have Kagome but ME! GOT THAT?!

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[color=#707875]I really recommend that you read our rules/Posting FAQ.

Copying and pasting stuff and uploading erroneous images are strictly against the rules. They're also simply discourteous and don't show any effort.

Also, I think we actually have had a jokes thread here recently. There's no need to repeat the thread so soon.[/color]
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