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Anime Regin The Conquer

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I was looking around and it looks like this anime has no Thread were its fans could take about or people who intersed in could talk, so what do yah think?

Whats yah Favorite Aspect of the Show?

Whats yah Favorite Line from it?

What got yah intersed in it?

Over all Rating?

For me it would have to go like this

Favorite Aspect of the Show: I really like how it closely mirrors his life and how they added the Scifi spin on it with all the tech and the War Machines, i also like how the anime makes you think about how you always have a choice. Also the Pathgorine Cult was a nice twist along with the Platohedron.

Favorite Line from the Show: " It Is the Devil King!!"

What yah intersted: Well me personaly, i just love history and learning about the past and Alexander the Great is on of my fav histrical figures. I find it very intesting in how he gain respect of the people he conquered in real life by marying a Persian women and giveing its dead king a proper bareal. Right now i'm trying to convince my History Teacher to show the siers to our class

Over All Rating: I would have to give this fine anime an 8/10, i think the music was good along with the artwork there was alot of attention to detail along with a good amount of Sicfi enough so that its not all fake, and just enough history to not make it into drawn out lecture, also i could have done with out all the speedos the guys wore.
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Well, not to bash on it, but i hated Reign the Conqueror. It used the Greeks and made them look like gay strippers (not that theres anything wrong with beign gay). And i really didn't get or understand the sotry at all. It was far too surreal and confusing. I just couldn't get into it. And what was up with all of the flying assasins and giant war tanks? Well, i'll stop now and leave with, I disliked it hihgly.

PS-incase you didn't know, i'm half greek.
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RTQ was probably the worst anime series ever. I saw the first 5 episodes and my assumptions before even whatching the series was right.........you just cant make a movie out of a Alexander the Great. The battles were just to boring to watch and the dialogue was terrible. Each time someone spoke i couldnt wait to they got back to the fighting.........then again once they started fighting i couldnt wait till they got back to the dialogue, basically i was screwed either way. Anyway there was one aspect i did kinda like in the series which was the look on Alexander's face when he got serious. Overall 1 out of 10.
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I actually was interested in it after watching it, but it could have been better. I could swear alexander had short hair... I also could swear that they didn't wear that crap. If it was re-drawn or something and not so still-like I'm sure it would have been more popular.
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