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"In Reverie" Saves the Day

Dan Rugh

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Did anyone get the new Saves the Day CD, [i]In Reverie[/i]? I sure did.

[size=1]All the art in the book is very pleasing to me. Of the 12 pages, 9 of them have only art on them. The lyrics and thank you's all fit on 2 pages while the back cover is just light blue.[/size][/center]

First off, this album is a little different from their other ones; even mellower than [i]Stay What You Are[/i], which was thought to be a departure from their normal.

Chris sings differently, a little higher and nasally, but this does not mean that it's not good stuff. At first, when I listened to it, I was a little disappointed that they changed their sound. Now that I've listened to it a couple of times on my way to class in the mornings, I'm happy with it. I [i]do[/i] kinda miss Chris' old singing, however.

Here's a breakdown of the songs for ya:
1. [i][u]Anywhere With You[/u][/i] - I downloaded this song about a month ago just to see what the new music sounded like. To be honest, it took me a while to get used to it. This is a great song, though. It's one of the few upbeat songs on the album, having more prevalent guitars.

Sample Lyric:"I'd rather be here/ than anywhere with you."

2. [i][u]What Went Wrong[/u][/i] - This is one of my favorite songs on the album. It sounds really happy, but actually isn't. It's about being arrested, I believe.

Sample Lyric: "We sang a song of sorrow/ slowly to remember what went wrong"

3. [i][u]Driving in the Dark[/u][/i] - Another happy song. What can I say?

Sample Lyric: "Ever since I first saw you/ standing in the black frozen night/ I've been blind/ but I'm driving in the dark towards you/not stopping 'til I catch the sunlight/ in my eyes"

4. [i][u]Rise[/u][/i] - This follows an up and down singing pattern. Me gusta mucho. =P

Sample Lyric: "When the sky starts burning/ the earth ain't movin/ we all become sane/ and we rise in the morning to kiss the scorching sun before it falls.

5. [i][u]In Reverie[/u][/i] - The title track, obviously. Like [i]Anywhere With You[/i], this song is a little faster. There is a little slow down in the middle, though.

Sample Lyric: "So once again I swim in reverie/without your love/ feels so long ago I can't remember now/ where we began

6. [i][u]Morning in the Moonlight[/u][/i] - Another faster one. I really like this one, too. The song is less than 2 minutes, though.

Sample Lyric: " The moonlight in the morning sun sends shivers over my skin/ my memories are slowly slipping and I'm sailing against the wind"

7. [i][u]Monkey[/u][/i] - This song has got some strange lyrics. The chorus starts out with "The monkey will bite." Good song.

Sample Lyric: "Hello me, are you in there?/ making sure you're not dead/ smelled some rotting flesh"

8. [i][u]In My Waking Life[/u][/i] - Chris' voice goes pretty high in this song and the lyrics are repeated 2 full times so there is no definite chorus.

Sample Lyric: "I'm never in my waking life/ dreaming is my all the time/ whether it's the weather or my mind/ it's all too much"

9. [i][u]She[/u][/i] - This is the slowest song on the album and it almost sounds like it could be a lullaby. Pretty, actually.

Sample Lyric: "Forever scrolling/ unfolding/ she is the sun burned blue and shadows on the moon/ she is the morning dew/ dangling on leaves leaking into streams"

10. [i][u]Where Are You?[/u][/i] - After [i]She[/i] you almost get startled when this one starts. The lyrics and guitars start immediately, this song being another one of the faster ones. Being, also less than a minute, this song doesn't have a definite chorus either

Sample Lyric: "Cause I'm not sure what's going on/ I feel the earth quaking beneath me/ it feels like elephants trampling my hollow chest"

11. [i][u]Wednesday the Third[/u][/i] - This song also has an up and down singing pattern, but is much different than [i]Rise[/i].

Sample Lyric: "Oh, haven't you heard the news?/ nobody came too soon/ surprise!/ our eyes are opening up to you"

12. [i][u]Tomorrow Too Late[/u][/i] - A great way to end the CD. This song starts with distorted voices singing. The chorus is really catchy.

Sample Lyric: "When was the last time I held you all through the night?/ feels like a zillion years and I don't want to wait more/ to find you is to lose you/ what is that for?/ tell me" [/size]

Chris Conley is a poet. I like his original lyrics and the way he sings them.


Please don't post in here just to say that you think that Saves the Day is a bunch of pansies because we all like different music. :)
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I liked their previous stuff, but from what I have heard about this cd, it is very pop-ish. So I won't buy it, I may download some of their new songs to try them out or maybe borrow the cd from a friend.
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