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Gaming Disgaea Questions


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First off let me say how freaking awesome this game is. I just got it 3 days ago and I'm a good 30 hours into it (would've had more but had to go to bozo school). I'm only in chapter 5 though, but anyway I had 3 questions if anyone can help me.

1. What does (if anything) the switch behind the throne in Laharl's castle do? I pressed it way back at the start of the game and didn't notice anything happen.

2. Is transmigrating worth it? Someone in the game said you start back at lv 1 w/ better stats and you level up better, but I haven't noticed that much of a difference. It's hard to tell because by the time I have them up to lv 10 or so I have better equipment too. Or do I have to get to level 1000 and start over to really see big differences?

3. Are the hospital prizes cumulative? I mean should I just claim them whenever they pop up? Or if I let them keep building will better and better ones show up? I thought this at first, and let my "claim prize" list grow to 7 or 8, but each prize seemed to be better than the list, so I THINK you don't have to wait, but I'm not sure.

Well that's it, the geo system is awesome, heh I FINALLY figured out how to nullify all of the colors, the booklet (in black and white) didn't do a very good job of explaining it well. The trouble is keeping everyone alive while the color chains are going on. I can always have one person survive, but then the dead people won't get the bonus exp
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I know this is an old thread, but this is an amazing game and it should be bumped back up heh. I'll finally be getting my own copy on Christmas. I cannot wait.

1.) The switche is one of two. If you use both, you're able to get into another room to read a journal of sorts. If you visit that area in each chapter, you're supposedly given some sort of item in the final chapter that is rather beneficial.

2.) Transmigrating is very worth it. You'll improve your characters and they'll get stronger faster, as you've mentioned. It's even useful with Laharl himself.

3.) Not sure what you mean heh.
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1. Hey, I never noticed that switch, wheres the other one?
2. Transmitigrating? I've never neard of that, but i also only played a little.
3. The hospital prizes are cumlitive, that is, they get better as you use the hospital more. But the low level ones are really good, so i usually snap em up fast.

Atlus also has another game coming out, sis you see it? Its the same premise, but its about demon hunters.
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1. Yeah, I must know where the other switch is.
2. No transmigrating is great. You can get super strong by transmigrating a character because depending on how much Mana you are willing to spend you can get one of the high level character types of any class of character and raise there stats as much as 10 points. My Nekomata is completely maxed out. I highly reccomend doing it.
3. Cumulative. Just keep takin' 'em.
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Well after a good 40 hours in item world I got a little bit sick of the random levels (with the same music). And every time I went into a weapon to power it up, I won stronger stuff! Anyway I'm in chapter 11 or 12 and I took a break to play some Saga Frontier 1, and then I took a break from that to play FFX-2 since I got it for xmas. Heh I'll play more of Disgaea soon
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