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Writing t3h m4trix


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Awhile back me and my friend were making fun of the scene in "Kid's Story" from The Animatrix where Kid and Neo were chatting, so I wrote a little chat log about it. Here ya go...

Kid1337:liek is NE1 out ther?? i feel alone an stuff!
The1:i'm herr d00d! u r not alone lol!!1
Kid1337: r u Neo?
The1: No, im Ne0
Kid1337: swet!
The1: hey, you can free urself
The1: lol n00b
The1: you gotta free ur mind
The1: duh!
The1: lol
The1: rotflmfao
Kid1337: stfu
The1: sry
Kid1337: How did you get into my comp??
The1: im teh 1337 h4x0r!!!!!
The1: ph33r m3h lol!
The1: d00d, u have alot of pr0n on ur comp o.0
Kid1337: stfu ***git!
The1: sry again lol.
Kid1337: hey, wut is all this stuff im feelin inside me???
The1: uhhh...puberty???
Kid1337: not taht!!!11
The1: oh lol! d00d, jo0 r feelin teh matrix
Kid1337: wat?
The1: free ur mind, an ull understand!1
The1: i g2g, dun have alot of time, y know??
Kid1337: wait, 1 mor question!
The1: wat??
The1:21/f/cali LMAO!

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