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Writing Live, beating, veiny hearts


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Ok now, I'm going to post the deepest truths about myself. Feel free to rip your heart of out your chest and place it in this thread, right next to mine. I'm not going to rhyme, and it may not be very poetic, but this will probably turn into a poetry thread, and I don't want it closed/moved. So, here goes...

I seek what cannot be found
because it is everywhere

I hide from others
what I most want them to see

That which I have pushed away
has bounced back the hardest,
and now it rules me

I do not wish to become someone else
I only want to be more of myself

My greatest want is my greatest fear

Only one can help,
but his wisdom is not enough
to fight what rules me,
and he leaves when dreams come

I have made the decision
All that is left is to act on it

I will defeat what rules me,
though it will be quite a battle

There, my beating, veiny heart. It's right there, out in the open. I know it's a bit of a riddle, and if anyone wants me to explain it, feel free to ask. I won't explain it if nobody cares. Again, feel free to rip out your own and lay it smack dab in the middle of the thread. We can talk about it, we might even make progress on what we see to be problems with it.
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