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Sign Up Mobile Suit Gundam: Rise of Zeon


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[B][U]UC 0079[/U][/B]

A cluster of space colonies called Side Three banned together anf created a great empire of indeoendence called The Principality of Zeon. They begin a war of independence against the Earth Federation by crashing a sattelite in the former coutry of Australia, killing millions.

Dubbed the "One Year War", the war lasted for exactly one year. Zeon came out strong with there advanced weapons known as Mobile Suits, but they were soon taken out when the Federation created there own Mobile Suit called "Gundam", which had the amazing capability to adapt to any situation in battle and taught itself to fight. Zeon officially lost the war in 0080


Zeon's last remaining fighters and generals formed together to once again, win Zeon's independence. They set in project "Star Dust" to crash a great sattelite into the Federations HQ in Jaburo, South America. But a knew and advanced Gundam was born along with Zeons new Mobile Suits. The Zeon rebels lost once again. They have been silent since.....


The Princapality of Zeon has resurfaced. The children, grand children, and survivng generals have banned together to gain Side Three's independence from the Earth Federation. But this time, they are not hostile. They simply ask for a independence treaty from the EF. But they refuse, for Zeon is a major Luna Alloy aka Gundanioum mining works.

Ignoring the EF, Zeon goes and disconnects themselves from the EF. Keeping all of the mining spoils and space feils to themselves. Inraged, the Earth Federation has sent three MS GMs to confront the Zeon in Side Three, demanding that they seas there isolation. But Zeon refuses, so the GMs went in and attacked the Side's outer shells. In a suprise attack, Zeon sent out five strange and Mobile Suits to combat them.

The GMs were wiped out in a hurry. When the EF heard of this, they sent in a fleet of GMs and two Gundam class Mobile Suits to attack. They too were massacered. The Earth Federation then decided to finally declare war on the Principaltiy of Zeon. But unbeknownced, the Zeon are going to bring the fight to them. Three of the five mystrious new Mobile Suits have been sent to Earth to take out the Earth Federation HQ is Jaburo and end the war before the citizens of Zeon are harmed. A new war had begun..............


[SIZE=3][B]The Mobile Suits[/B][/SIZE]

[B][U]Principality of Zeon[/B][/U]

Special Suits:

AMS-00 Omega (Advanced Hy-Gogg) Specs: Amphibous
AMS-01 Delta (Advanced Zaku) Specs: Land
AMS-02 Zappa (Advanced Dom) Specs: Land/Hover
AMS-03 Beta (Advanced Sazabi) Specs: Space Combat only
AMS-04 Alpha (Advanced Kampfer) Specs: Space/Land Combat

AMS-04 Alpha Specs: space/land combat

AMS-01 Delta specs: land

AMS-00 Omega specs: amphibious

AMS-03 Zappa specs: land/hover

AMS-04 Beta specs: space combat only!!!

Basic Suits:
[url]http://www.gundamofficial.com/www_uc/p_info_mechaidx.cfm[/url] Go to the different series i.e. Mobile Suit Gundam, 0080, 0083, etc. for other Mobile Suits. Just click on it and go to Mecha Info. For weapons and vehicle info go to Glossary. (and try clicking on the Floating Gundam at the top banner.)

[B][U]Earth Federation[/B][/U]

See top Link. Choose any MS.

[U][B]Sign ups:[/B][/U]






Mobile Suit:

Main Weapon:

Auxilary Weapon:

Melee Weapon:





I hope you enjoy this RPG and i will post my own sign up later. On of the AMS specials are reserved for SilpheedPilot, so save one.
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[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1]Uhh... You forgot the event's of Char's counter attack


Name: Kwaz Sosac

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 170 lb

Rank: Corporal

Mobile Suit: Geara Doga

Main Weapon: Beam SMG

Auxilary Weapon: Four Panzer Faust Grenades

Melee Weapon: Beam Axe

Alligance: Zeon

Attitude: Chilled and quiet, caculated and decisive. Not really social, though his skill in Mobile Suit has raised him to a Corporal.

Bio: He was born on the Colony of 30 Bunch, he was visiting relatives with his grandparents when the Titans gased the colony with Nerve agents, killing everyone in the colony including his parents. He despised the Earth Federation from this point forward, and drowned himself in video games where he seemingly tuned his skills and trained himself until he was 18, when he branched away from his family to join the Neo Zeon movement. He quickly climbed through the ranks in the battle for Luna II. He succesfully shot down over 15 federation Jegan mobile suits in his first battle, and was labelled a pro and allowed to paint his Mobile Suit jet black. He was then called the Phantom, and destroyed another surprising 26 Jegan mobile suits and 3 Clop class Cruisers, unfortunatly Neo Zeon lost the battle and disbanded. He returned to his family and hid his mobile suit in the family owned junk yard. Now with this new movement, he aims to exact more revenge upon the Titans. [/color][/size]
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(Only saw it once, so i figured screw it. Didn't have any major changes and Wasn't a series anyways.)

Name: Michael Sikal

Age: 28

Gender: male

Height/Weight: 6'2"/167 ibs

Rank: Lieutenant

Mobile Suit: AMS-00 Omega

Main Weapon:

Right Cortex Particle Cannon (a new and advanced weapon created for the Omega. The CPC is was a compact and watered down version of the Mega Partical Cannon. Located on the Right claw of the Omega, it generates power bywidely opening the claw. The claw begins to spin a great velocities as it gathers particales into its core, it then unleashes a powerful blast. It can also fire a blast with the power of a beam rifle at will.)

Auxialry Weapon:

Left Heat Gatling (powerful gatling gun)

Torpedo/Missle Launcher (missle/torpedo launchers located in the abdominal and the top of the head.

Melee Weapon:

Heat Claws/Heat Drill Claw (the Omega's claws heat up to over 50,000 degrees farhein height and can eitehr cut threw the enemy with a open claw or drill threw the MS with a closed and spinning claw. Also used to enter threw iced over water)

Alligance: Zeon

Attitude: Light hearted and layed back, but a bit arrogant at times.

Bio: Recuited into the Zeon armada when the Principality came back to power. He was introduced to the Mobile fleet after getting above average kills in the Zeon MS training simulations. A test was helled to see who would become the pilots for the 5 new expiremental Mobile Suits . Michael was asked to participate and accepted. He scored highest along with four other skilled rookies. The five of them were thought to be new types, a mysteroius new level of man thought to be the next evolutionary stage of humanity. inthralled, the five were put threw rigourous traing in there assigned Mobile suits. They trained for 3 years until the new leader of Zeon, General David Saarus, asked for independence from the Earth Federation. When denied, the five were called to action......
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Name:max allen


Gender: male

Height/Weight: 6'7" , 250

Rank: Lieutenant

Mobile Suit: RX-78GP01Fb Gundam GP01Fb (if it's allowed)

Main Weapon: beam rifle

Auxilary Weapon: 60mm vulcan gun x 2, 90mm machine gun

Melee Weapon: beam saber x 2 (I don't even know what a melee weapon is so I guessed)

Alligance: earth federation

Attitude: nice, brave, loyal, care free kind of guy

Bio: Max was born on earth and is the type of guy who'll do any thing to help his friend. His family have been fighters in the war between the earth federation and the princapality of zion. he figured that he should join the battle like members of his family did to maintain peace. he realy doesn't like to fight but he will if he has to. In his spare time he eather works on machinery, computer programs or just hangs out with his friends.
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[B]Name:[/B] Lieutenant James Roher

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Height/Weight:[/B] 6'0''/189lbs

[B]Rank:[/B] Lieutenant

[B]Mobile Suit:[/B] MS-06S Zaku II

[B]Main Weapon:[/B] 120mm Machine Gun

[B]Auxilary Weapon:[/B] 175mm Magella Cannon

[B]Melee Weapon:[/B] Heat Hawk

[B]Alligance:[/B] ZEON

[B]Attitude:[/B] Calm and collected during battle situations. Has vast knowledge of the current war and is great for all rookies for advice. He has a deep, but slightly raspy voice which can be inimidating at times. His main focus and concentration is best in battle.

[B]Bio:[/B] Was picked up by Zeon when he was still a Cadet, but has honed his skills as one of the best Zaku pilots, regardless of their armament or flight capabilities. He took on a Gundam and won. A great feat in a Zaku. When he got promoted, he started training with the Zaku II. After countless battles, and many war-scars he was sent to fight against the Earth Federation with one of the new prototype Zeon Mobile Suits, but declined the suit and instead using a MS-06S Zaku II.
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Name: Whist Kelan

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Height/Weight: 6"9 188lbs

Rank: Lieutenant

Mobile Suit: AMS-04 Alpha


Main Weapon: 360mm giant bazooka x 2

Auxilary Weapon:

shotgun x 2

panzer faust x 2

Melee Weapon: beam saber x 2

Alligance: Zeon

Attitude: Whist is Cocky and Sarcastic and know for being late

Bio: Whist is a name know in both Zeon and the EF, the reason being is his skills with the heavy class suits and how he piolts them as if they were Zaku's and how he gets under a person skin, Whist goes a bit trigger happy from time to time and has 15 reconds of shooting down his own comrads by mistake when this happens. Zeon high comand was a bit worried about giveing him the Alpha at first but after a long look at his record they decide it was alright.
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Name: Kailen "Kai" Scott

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 5"9 128lbs

Rank: Corporal

Main Weapon: Missile launcher x2
Auxilary Weapon:
Greande launcher x1

Melee Weapon: Laser Beam Bazooka x2

Alligance: Zeon

Attitude:Kai is one serious person. She doesnt take crap from anyone. Even though she is a corporal, She chews The Lieutenant, Whist, out for being late.

Bio: Kai is a name know in Zeon , the reason being is her skills with the heavy class suits and how she pilots them with ease and how she is very serious and doesnt take crap from anyone, She never strays from an assignment that is is given. And never gone trigger happy. ( unlike SOMEONE) She ususally is the one chewing out Whist for different things (( An 5'9 corporal chewing out an 6'9 Lieutenant, Funny)). Zeon high comand took no time in giving her the Zappa. Her record,her Seriousness, took place in getting the Zappa. She doesnt take kindly to people touching or doing any thing to her AMS so you'll usually find her working on it

Mobile Suit: AMS-03 Zappa
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[b]Name:[/b] Alex Gene

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Height/Weight:[/b] 5"9 140

[b]Rank:[/b] Lutenient

[b]Mobile Suit:[/b] RX-78GP01 Gundam GP01

[b]Main Weapon:[/b] beam rifle

[b]Auxilary Weapon:[/b] 60mm vulcan gun x 2

[b]Melee Weapon:[/b] beam saber x 2

[b]Alligance:[/b] earth federation

[b]Attitude:[/b] Bit of a loner, nice, agressive, a fighter

[b]Bio:[/b] His family was from earth but had come to a colony that was nuetrel from both sides but even there he was picked on by kids that lived in the colonies. He had grown up not likeing any one from the colonys but acted like normale towards people who were from earth. He had made some friends in the colonys but just few. When he herd that another war might start he joined the earth federation to fight against zeon. He's the type of persion who'll help out people that he thinks need help and fight against people who kill others for no reason other than to show what power they have.
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