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Writing Who Goes There?


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Who Goes There?

It is a veritable battleground. We are involved in a conflict of epic proportions. But it is not only us versus them. We are not the only ones fighting. Us versus him versus they versus them versus it. That is the struggle.

It is a battle of ideologies, and we cannot tell who is winning.

When were the battlelines drawn? We do not think any of us can remember. The war started a long, long time ago in a society far, far away. It?s not the same society today.

What once was authentic punk and The Ramones is now poseur Hot Topic. Kids walking around in black with dog collars at their necks. Are they really punk? Nope. I have heard Hot Topic customers say the store is for poseurs.

And the battlelines are drawn. Poseur punks have their army. Watch for that spiked hair, it can slice you open.

It is a battle of ideologies.

Preppies are out in force, denying others the right to exist. They are the majority, but their brains cannot match their numbers. We are not sure what they think; we do not hang around them long enough to find out, nor do we wish to know. They are here and it is now. That is all we need to realize.

Who are we? We are you. We are Marxist Pythonians. A small band of Rebels fighting against the Imperial Empire. We defy by questioning. We are Marxist Pythonians. We secede from the Union to form our own glorious yet tragically flawed Cinnaminsonia. We are Marxist Pythonians. We declare war on the Delranian Republic just for the hell of it.

Who goes there? We go there. We can hear your hushed whispers. We hear what you say. We are all around you, and blend into the masses. We might be that geek in that chair. We might be changing in that locker room. We are everywhere and we are nowhere. We see you and know you are scared. We are different. We think in twice as many dimensions and our objective is clear:

We will survive and rise-up to take control of what is rightfully ours. It is only a matter of time. Are we anarchists? No.

Who goes there? We go there. Who are we? We are Marxist Pythonians, so play nice.
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Perhaps, but considering your subpar writing abilities and interpretive skills, and your childish attitude towards the craft, and childish attitude in general (i.e., holds grudges), it's safe to say you were TRYING to get me back, but ended up failing. Quite miserably. Good try, though. You can try again at a later date.

Phazon Kudos to you.
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