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Good Samaritans do Exist! (Not religiously)


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Well, let me just say, in competitive situations, it seems that the true nature of a person really begins to show. Let me tell you a story, and explain what I'm talking about.

This weekend was hell for several reasons that belong more in a myOtaku post, so all you guys need to know is that it sucked fantastically. To top everything that happened, I did not have the papers for one of my homework assignments. I could just get the questions from someone else and hand it on a piece of loose-leaf, right?

Well, doing that was a real pain, as only one person was online that I could ask. Upon hearing my dilemma, this guy became very unresponsive and unhelpful. After I finally obtained the questions from another person, he tells me that my idea wouldn't work because our dear professor specifically said she would not accept anything but the original copy (it was told on a day I came late to class).

That's the short version of what happened, as I don't want to go into how he left for a "club meeting" in the middle of the night and how he gave me a bogus AIM contact to ask for help. Anyway, late into the night, another one of my contacts comes on, and, unlike the first guy, this person was [I]excessively[/I] concerned! :laugh: Haha, I couldn't believe the lengths he went to help me. He was prescribing several options, e-mailed me every question he could, and told me everything I needed to say to the professor to get an original copy from her before class.

In short, there are real jerks, and then there are extraordinarily nice people in the world. To make sure everyone knows what is really selfish about the first kid's actions... Our grades in most of our classes depend on curve, which is a relative comparison with other students - the worse others do, the better your grade becomes, to put it simply. So, this guy saw my predicament as just another chance to "get ahead" in the course, while the other did not seem to care at all.

So, how has your social experience in life been? Have you met genuine people who care, or have you been couped up with :butthead:'s? I'm used to people hiding their true feelings and being nice on the outside, but I just didn't see it coming with this particular person. Have you ever been surprised/shocked by the actions of another?
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I haven't been shocked by the actions of other people, but I've shocked myself. I recently went against my personality to the utmost extreme, and it felt [i]great[/i].

When it comes to girls, I am beyond shy, I'm a bona-fide chicken****. Well, there was this girl that I found myself attracted to, and I decided to tell her that, just for the hell of it. I don't think she believed me, but it was amazing. It's like taking a wrecking ball to a wall you've built inside yourself. I think I'll convince her I wasn't just kidding, because it really is extremely against my personality. If you've ever wanted to go back in time and kick your own *** for something you've done, you can't. What you can do is mutilate what you don't like about you in the present. It's the most eye-opening experience I've ever had.
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Adahn [/i]
I think I'll convince her I wasn't just kidding ... [/QUOTE]
Heh ... just don't be too shady. Though I have to say it'd probably be nice to hear and believe from any guy, so whatever. :p

Anyway, I'm lucky enough to have several people in classes who are extremely helpful in homework situations just like the one you described above. It's funny, because all the rumors I heard promised that wouldn't be the case. I'd heard premed people are really competitive, and will go so far as to steal your books so that you can't study and get as good a grade as them, thereby helping the curve ... But none of that has turned out to be true, at least in my classes. So I consider myself very lucky there. (Oh, the reason I mentioned premeds was because as a biochemistry major, there are tons of premeds in basically all of my classes, and many of my friends are premed.)

(For anyone who doesn't know, premeds are those going to college with plans to apply to med schools. They're usually very competitive because they need very good grades for med school, etc.)

Let's see, good samaritans in other contexts ... One of my best friends is similarly incredibly helpful whenever I need it. We had one class together and for a week I was sick and unable to go to lecture, and she would sit with me and discuss exactly what had gone on in class so that I wouldn't be lost at all. That was nice :). Eh. That's the same context, really, isn't it.
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