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RPG The Fanfic Game!!


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Ok, this is how it works. I will start a fanfic story, you continue the story using any anime characters you want to. Just write like 6 lines or so. Ok! here goes....

Duo Maxwell: (waking up) ah man, my head hurts. Where am I. Hey! Who are you?
Goku: I don't know, who am I?
Duo: That's what I just asked you!
Shiro: (walking up to them) Hey guys, man last night was great! Well, see ya later!
Goku: What did we do last night?
Duo: I... can't remember...
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Mimi: *walks in* *looks at everyone* Who are you?

Goku: I'm me.

Mimi: *sweat drop* um. Okay, then...

Izzy: *walks in* *sits down* *asks Goku and Duo* Do you have internet connection?

Goku: internet? What's that?

Izzy: *big anime sweat drop*
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