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Anime Appleseed,anyone seen it


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Well, I was at one point, a massive Shirow fan. I was going through the same thing as you heh.

First of all, get the Appleseed manga series along with the databook (6 books total). You won't be disappointed. It's excellent stuff. I read it before I saw the anime.

The anime is very, very mediocre. Some of the ideas in it are decent, but on a whole it has very little to do with the manga. It's extremely dated at this point, especially the English version. The dub isn't terrible, but it's nothing to get excited over. The worst part is probably all the lame elevator music in it. Anime distributors here seemed to love putting that crap in their tapes back then.

Personally, I wouldn't bother. Maybe if you've not read the manga it'd be decent... but by comparison it is just terrible.
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I've not read the manga, and upon seeing the video case (someone lent it to me), I thought it was at least going to look fairly decent. I was very disappointed, heh. The style is incedibly dated now, as Semjaza said, and I didn't find the story as enjoyable as perhaps it should have been.

It was just lacking, really, in my view- there was action, but it didn't really involve you enough to get really interesting. And with only being about 45 minutes long, there's not a huge scope for development anyway.
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