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Writing Forever

Manic Webb

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This is a little food for thought.
Food not taught
But food that ought
To teach us the differences
In our existences.
'Cause I don't know what this is, when
I can't live in blissfulness
I said I don't know what this **** is

Because we were separated by my blackness
You cannot deny this
Though you denied the feelings
And all the appealing
That pull us closer together

So although the spiritual pulls us
The visual will keep us apart.

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[color=666666][size=1][i]wow thats an awsome poem. Howlong didit take you tomake it. Formeit would have taken the whole day. I cant write poetry. I wish I could. Well Please post up some more of your Poems Manic. Also the poem, I am getting an odd feeling about it. Did something inspire you to write it?[/color][/size][/i]
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[size=1] Are you condeming white people?

Are you saying we'll be apart forever?

Scoff at those questions lol. They have nothing to say. Rhetorical, if you'd say.

Anyways, the poem/rap-ish-thing/song lyrical-ing is decent, although I feel that it's only a fragment, and could be more fully developed than it is. But what you have now is decent and tasty in some ways at least. Yay.[/size]
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Scoff scoff scoff.

Actually, it's about a lady-friend of mine who wouldn't date me. She was Asian, I'm African-American. People who knew us said that we looked good together, but she refused to be more than just friends. Somebody told me it was probably a racial thing. Apparently, some older Asian adults don't like black people, and there could've been some conflict with her parents. Our friendship even started to suffer at some point.

I write what I like to call Incomplete Poems. I'm really scatter-brained when it comes to poetry. I open myself up, and it gets hard to keep track of all of my thoughts as they rush out. Thus, my poems end up incomplete. Those few lines I wrote only took me about 5 minutes to think up, but then I became stuck. Either I could've saved up that poem to finish for another day (which I do way too often. And those poems never end up getting finished), or I submit it as-is.
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