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Anime Online Yu-Gi-Oh card duel simulator.

Guest Crimson Spider

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Guest Crimson Spider
O.K. a friend of mine has told me about an online duels simulator where all you do is e-mail them your deck, along with effects, and can duel other people online for free. Now, he left out one tiny detail: Where it is. He himself has forgotten. It was bookmarked on his school computer, and it is very likely that his compy has been ghosted since he has been there.

So I went searching on the internet for an hour or 2 trying to find this mystery site. Found nothing but other links to other links to other links to porno sites. Most of the links were links to searches that linked to other searches that linked to a casino that instantly forwarded me to a bad bad site. Same casino site, too.

So... does anyone know of this simulator, or better, where it is? I'm tired of having to erase my history trying to find it, and all my search results have come up inconclusive.

As a vague memory, he belives it might have been on geocities. But I'm not quoting him on that.
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[COLOR=#503F86]YVD is the best one for Yu-Gi-Oh in my view, as it's made especially for the game itself. The other is Apprentice, which is made for Magic: The Gathering and requires another patch to use. YVD's better to start with- I could never get to grips with Apprentice myself.

But you don't need to send you e-mail address off to anyone- it's only your IP number you need to connect to your opponent. The cards are already on the database, so you don't need to send off the details either. Although to get the Japanese cards as well, along with various Premium Pack promos, go to [URL]http://www.deckguru.com.[/URL][/COLOR]
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Guest Crimson Spider
I'll try it out later.

Too bad Deck Guru Doesn't have the Ultra Rare Cards From Valuable Book 5. Devils Sanctuary and Reflect Slime(?). I can't seem to find those cards anywhere! Especially the second one.

?????? (guessing it's Reflect Slime)
Type: Permanent Trap
Effect: After activating, this card becomes a Monster Card (Water/Aqua/10/0/3000) and is Special Summoned to your Monster Zone in defense mode. This card cannot attack. (It is still treated as a Trap Card.)

Cannot find the pic of this card anymore. I used to have one, but lost it.

EDIT: One question. Yes or no. No Elaborating, cuz it's pretty simple.

Q: Do you think that 54 cards in a defense-theme deck is too many? Exact numbers:

Level 4: 13
Level 5 and 6: 7
Magic: 23
Trap: 11
Total: 56

EDIT: **[i]censor[/i]** **[i]censor[/i]** **[i]censor[/i]**

That thing doesn't work for macs! Argh! Does anyone know of one that does?
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